Hopin' for big numbers

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. For both RAW on my YouTube and the RAW rating.

    First, the RAW rating. Hopefully if it's a big number it might give creative an incentive to write a better product each week, so they can always get big numbers.

    Secondly, my YouTube, gained 70 likes on my single full show vid link in under an hour but view-counter is stuck. YouTube is :troll: me. Hope it's some big numbers!

    Woooooooooooooooooooo :flair:
  2. I kinda hope it gets a disappointing rating from folk who gave up half wag through because of adverts; but it kinda deserves a good rating because of the end.
  3. Which braincell moved this to the locker room?
  4. This is the right section. There's already a sticky thread to talk about the YouTube numbers at RAW section. If you want another thread, belongs in Locker Room.
  5. What? Regardless, the one section it doesn't belong in is essentially the 'off topic' section.

    Considering I'm also taking RAW rating is why I made a new thread and didn't post in the RAW downloads thread. :dawg:
  6. There's another thread to talk about RAW ratings which is the Rate 1000 RAW thread.

    Talking about YouTube belongs at the sticky yt thread on RAW.
  7. The rate RAW thread is for people's opinion, is it not?

    Oh well, w/e.

    Seems out of place here.
  8. One thread is enough to talk about ratings unless you wanna do review like D'Z or Rainman.
  9. I probs will once this 18GB file finished downloading so I can see it.

    1080i FTW.

    BTW, would you like an invite to XWT?
  10. leojay already gave me invite just recently.
  11. Ah right no bother.
    I think I invited him actually, or was it Leo C. :urm:
  12. It was me.