Games Horror games thread

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  1. Survival Horror is one of my favorite VG genres and for that reason Resident Evil is my shit (RE4 all day). But instead of making a thread soley on RE I thought it would be more fun to talk Horror games as a whole. If I were to ever make a game one day I'd want it to be a survival horror game. Horror games just have so much atmosphere and depth, the kind of which you really can't find in any other genre. Kinda wish survival horror was still a thing like it was back in the day.

    First game I'll contribute to the discussion:

    Ah yes silent hill 2 a game I still have yet to play but appreciate for it's existence. The video linked above is probably the best analysis of the game that I know of ( cringey skits aside).

    I really need to get my hands on this game, wonder if it'll run on my laptop.

    Another game is of course Resident Evil 4, my favorite, love this game to death. First Resident Evil game I completed and replayed yrs later when the HD remaster dropped on Xbox360. Ah man...this game brings back so many memories...

    My personal favorite playthrough of this game. It's old.