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  1. -Random Hospital in the LA area-

    *We see Jwab after the intense seizure he had during the Peep Show the night after IWTMania II. We see doctors taking care of him and he is slowly trying to get up. One doctor forces him down. This same doctor is wearing sunglasses. This same doctor reaches under the hospital bed and cranks it up so Jwab is sitting up. This doctor grabs a chair and wheels it over and sits in it. He grabs a needle and flicks the top of it while taking off his mask and speaking*

    What was the point of letting you take my place after the chamber? Are you kidding me? I was only going to be gone for a couple of months to film this movie and I come back to finding out that "Jwab" had a seizure. You kidding me man? You couldn't even beat Christian.... CHRISTIAN. Do you know how simple of a job you had? I put you against a guy that couldn't win a match if his life depended on it. Pathetic. I knew I couldn't trust you... ya know if I have listened to my agent. You wouldn't even be in this mess. Hell, I'd be on top of the world. Now look at me.... I have to start from the bottom. Well, start from where you left me off. *looks at the syringe* Well, see ya on the flip side, bub.

    *Jwab sticks the syringe in the arm of the stunt double. The stunt double starts flailing around while the other doctors start strapping him to the bed. You see a tear fall below the sunglasses. Jwab takes off his sunglasses and rips off the shower cap while he watches the stunt double fall into a deep sleep. You could see Jwab's eyes starting to swell. Tears slowly fall down and Jwab grabs the hand of the stunt double while tearing up*

    Why did you do this? Why are you doing this to me?! DON'T YOU LEAVE ME HERE.... on this world... alone. Don't do it.. please. I'm begging you. *Jwab positions himself closer and clutches the arm of the stunt double* We have so many things to do. So many things to accomplish together.... so many....

    *You hear the long BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP signaling that the Stunt Double has had his final breathe. You see Jwab lay his head on the chest of the stunt double and cry. He has the sunglasses in hand. All you hear is.... CUT. Jwab lifts his head and stands up. He starts to shake everyone's hand.*

    OOC - I'm really bored and I felt obliged to write something. As you could see, I'm pretty much pulling a Miz gimmick cause I love that gimmick. I hope to develop it and actually take time to write something next time. This is just re-introducing me. Pretty meehhhhh.
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  2. I like it, it had passion. The ending surprised me too TBH
  3. Gonna hate it because Miz, naturally. But I liked it.