Storyline Hot Commodity

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  1. Ryan: You all are amazed, right? How on earth did that upstart rookie Ryan Davis defeat a respected veteran such as Nick in only his second match?

    Ryan chuckles a bit before continuing.

    Ryan: This isn't a fairytale, this is life. Things don't happen because people want them to happen; things don't happen because people believe they will happen; things happen because they're supposed to happen. I was the guy nobody thought would win, right? I was just the cocky new guy who was over his head going toe-to-toe with such a legend like Nick, right? Well I beat him. Nobody wanted or believed it would happen but it did. Why? Because I was supposed to win. Why? Because I am better. It's really as simple as that. Nobody on this roster is able to beat me. When you look at me you are looking at the greatest first generation wrestler in the world. I'm one of a kind.

    Ryan turns on his 72 inch flat screen television and replays the final moments of his match with Nick.

    Ryan: Respect? *chuckles* Yeah Nick, we all see where that gets you. He said he was going to teach me a lesson, but what was it? How easy it is to defeat a former World champion? Because that's all I came out of the match with... oh, and a win.

    Ryan's cell phone rings and he waits after the 4th ring to answer.

    Ryan: Future IWT World champion Ryan Davis speaking...........Oh, hello..........yeah, yeah you beat Aids for the championship, I get, that's exactly what I'm saying. You wouldn't have gotten that match had you not been the booker.........really?........You're right, I am new. Doesn't that piss you off that I'm rising through the ranks already, beating your quote on quote "superstars"?, I don't want to be fired........okay.........a brand split?.........Battleground?........So, I can only beat Nick again if I'm a champion and can appear on the other brand?.........What? I have to prove myself more before I get a title match?........alright.

    Ryan looks to the camera with a somewhat disappointed face.

    Ryan: Well, I guess I have to have a couple more matches, excuse me, victories under my belt before I get a championship match. It's alright though, I'm a hot commodity so I'm sure I'll get challenged to a match.