Forum Game Hot Seat Thread #22: Dat Chocolate From Jersey

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CrayJ Lee, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. The next member in the hot seat is Dat Chocolate From Jersey. For 24 hours, you can ask as many questions you would like and no topic is off-limits. He is required to answer every question.
  2. Are you related to Oprah?
    Fried Chicken = Heaven?
    Why wont you share your watermelon with me!!??
  3. Sorry about that... I couldn't resist! <3 u :yay:

    In seriousness...
    When do you graduate from college?
    Do you plan on staying in Jersey?
    Have any pets?
  4. Being that your old name is in your usertitle, yes
    Nope, I'll probably end up moving to Canada
    All my pets ran away or died
  5. Y U BLACK?
    Do you love me?
  6. The bigger penis i'll have little red riding hood.
    & :pity2:
  7. Fried Chicken vs. Watermelon vs. Grape juice? (What would you have)
  8. Grape juice, if i wasnt a vegetarian I'd take the chicken
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  9. No
    Vegetarian :pity:
    Because it's mine! :angry:
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  10. Remember when you streamed and I watched your face and fapped to your awesum hair?
  11. I streamed before, but I dont remember that specific time
  12. What do you like the best and the least about being an IWT GM?
    What do you enjoy the most about film making?
    If you could be a wrestler for the WWE, what would your gimmick be and why?
  13. When are we getting the true new jersey story episode 2?
  14. Best part is burying Danielson . My least fav part is not competing.
    I enjoy editing the most.
    If I would be a homeless person because it's funny
  15. When you twerk
  16. How do I keep you from moving to Canada? :urm:
  17. Tell your government to stop being advantageous to the film industry
  18. Favorite DBZ character besides Roshi?

  19. Well if you do come here, its on one stipulation. You must cast me in all of your movies at a very high salary. :tough: