Hottest Chick Ever In Wrestling?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Action Jackson, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. This is a good discussion. I would say off the top of my head for my money that it's Trish Stratus.

    Seriously how can you not want to bury your face in that ass? Her husband wakes up in the morning and he's like "Yeah... Boner City... population me."


    The ass says "BLADOW!!!"
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  2. Keibler>
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  3. She's definitely a hot chick.

    George Clooney is like....


    Clooney: Stacy, I have my cowl on. It's time to fuck.
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  4. Trish, Stacy, Eve, Torrie Wilson, and Mickie off the top of my head. Sable as well. I seem to find some hot that others don't though. I'd say Ivory, Kaitlyn, and Natalya are hot, but that's just me.
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  5. I bet money they like to roleplay sex like that....hopefully he does sex better as Batman than he did in the Batman and Robin movie.

    I personally dig Naomi a little with dat ass :gusta:
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  6. I agree with this list too :true: Although I can understand why others don't...
  7. They broke up cuz I was banging her.
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  8. Maryse Ouellet.
  9. Trish, Torrie, Eve, Terrie Runnels and Maryse from the top of my head.
  10. Can't believe i forgot her, but Mae Young. She's got dat ass
  11. Sunny!! End of discussion
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  12. Ivory is so underrated IMO. Good shout.
  13. Trish and Maryse.
  14. Going with Kiebler as well. Dat ass, legs for dayzzzz, and of course her prutty face :gusta:

    inb4 the 15 year old marks say AJ
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  15. Steph gets an honorable mention. Something about her turns me on beyond belief.
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  16. Maryse hands down. Trish in her prime too.

    But at the moment, I'd say Scarlett Bordeaux (ROH) is the hottest chick in wrestling right now.
  17. Scarlett is amazing.


    Have Mercy!
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  18. I'll answer in tiers (no not tears).

    Old school: When I was younger it was Sable and Sunny. When Sunny got slopped I think I creamed my pants a little. And the hand pasties on Sable! :gusta:

    Attitude Era: Lita was my fav diva and probably always will be. I notice she didn't get much mention on here so maybe I am alone in thinking she was hot, but I stand by my decision. Trish and Kiebler get honorable mentions though. God that was an awesome time to be a WWE fan as a teenager lol.

    Now: Honestly, NOBODY in the main roster for divas impresses me. AJ can fuck off, the bellas are ok I guess, Natty is meh. I liked Kaitlyn best, but for her wrestling. She wasn't THAT good looking. All the Diva talent is in NXT right now IMO. Summer Rae is current favorite there.

    But to answer the OP, LITA - always. That low rider pants with the panty strings that came up. Oh mer gurd. I was just into her whole sense of style back then. Many a fap was dedicated to her. Its true, Its true. But I am NOT discrediting Trish at all. She was amazing in her own right.

    SHIT YEAH that tattoo is great
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  19. Oh I like me some Kaitlyn. She's got an ass. Her and Natalya. They have some hella good asses. CURVES. I like-a da curves. Da curves-a make-a me speak like-a terrible Super Mario.
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