Houston cheerleaders "Fandangoing"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. LMFAO! Look like Fan-Don-GO has his own fan club! :pipebomb:
  2. Fandango is this years D Bry, who'd have thought it?
  3. Fandango now is a nonstop. Good for WWE, good for entertaining, this song is the more entertaining thing this starting year has offered us imo
  4. :haha: I remember when everybody hated him. Now everybody jumped on his bandwagon :pity:
  5. Yesterday his theme was ranked number 11 on the British itunes top 100 list. That meant it had to be played on the radio X amount of times every hour.
  6. The only people I remembered that didn't hate him are myself and deth. :pity2:
  7. :haha: Go to Facebook fan pages. They were filled with Fandango hate, now all of a sudden they start praising him. It's just funny :pity:
  8. I've been a Fandango fan from the start. But I was a Curtis fan before that so my fan-nes just carried over.
  9. Still don't like the character, but I'm very entertained by his fans.
  10. They did it wrong, fucking southerners
  11. Didn't notice they did wrong... You're right too, fuck southerners, north of the Atlantic coast is much better than that
  12. I wonder how many of them even watch WWE.
  13. :true: Always liked the guy, not sure why, but I did.
    I think Stop liked him as well actually.

    It is pretty funny, everyone shat on him.

  14. he was even mentioned on evertons official twitter page lol bit random
  15. I was optimistic about Fandango too.
  16. I'm still not sold on Fandango as a character but at least the fans have found a way to make his theme song very entertaining!
  17. Didn't like Curtis as a talent or the gimmick. Still don't, but hell as they say Vince knows what we want more than we do.
    I'll happily admit defeat on this one, push him to the moon. Don't Ryder him.

    Oh, yeah, the video. Eh, not bad. Pretty sure Kelly Kelly's in there somewhe...yep found her.
  18. I never hated him or said for him to get off my TV. I just didn't think his gimmick was something I would like and it still isn't, really. His theme is just really catchy and it's pretty funny it's a thing now. :dawg:
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