How And Why Is JTG Still Employed?

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  1. For the past 3 years during the "release season" for WWE, JTG has been the #1 prediction of most fans, yet in 2013, he's still employed by WWE. Why? JTG is completely worthless to them. He makes no money whatsoever. Nobody pays for a ticket or orders a pay-per-view to see JTG. When was the last time you saw an "I paid to see JTG" sign? When was the last time you heard a JTG chant? He's making WWE no money and they're paying him, so when it comes to JTG, WWE are losing money. Just fire him, dammit. I'm sure he'll be much happier in the indys or whatever, anyway. His matches will be over 120 seconds long and he might actually get a win now and again.
  2. I actually agree. He's doing nothing good to WWE, but I think they have him there for some reason. I actually liked his old look and he was something normal, but right no he's a nobody. He could be better jobbing for other companies tbh. Can you imagine WWE bringing him back to the main roster and push him?
  3. Why is he still be employed? He's been kept over guys like Chris Masters, David Hart Smith, Vladimir Kozlov, Melina, Derrick Bateman, Matt Striker, Joey Mercury, Caylen Croft, even his brother, Shad. It makes no sense to me that over the past few years, WWE have released guys like this but still pay JTG. :idk:
  4. Because he can be used for squash matches, and he's loyal to the company. Most likely he doesn't complain and is satisfied where he is, even though he should push creative to give a gimmick, a little TV time, and more. He's also used for house shows, and he's most likely working off the very little popularity he had from Cryme Tyme. Other then these reasons, I don't see why he's employed.
  5. He complained last year on Twitter and got squashed by Ryback as punishment.
  6. Seemed like a work for they could use him for Ryback. Why would they bring it onto live television, and then never hear from his complaining again, yet keep him with all the things you just mentioned about him?
  7. Maybe they want him because they think he'll be good... We all think he can't do anything, but WWE think he can give them money. Actually all those releases were better than JTG, but maybe they were more expensive than him and they think they can get something by training him more... Who knows... #WWELogic
  8. He went out of kayfabe on his complaint though, talking about hwo bad the lower-card is treated, the poor pay, etc. And they didn't actually mention what he said, they just kinda briefly stated that JTG had bad things to say on Twitter. And WWE use real-life things all the time. They always mention real-life Twitter feuds between superstars and celebrities, like the one between Punk and that women-beating rapper, what was his name, Chris Brown or something.
  9. Cuz he's black
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  10. Jobbers have a place on the roster.
  11. I quite like JTG, so I'm not complaining. I think it's because he's loyal to the company and he's required for squash matches, it only makes sense to have jobbers on your roster.
  12. To balance the Force.
  13. As other's said. Jobbers have a place on the roster and are a key component in the wrestling product. If it weren't for jobbers guys like Ryback, Henry, Warrior, Savage, Luger etc wouldn't have been or be as big as they are. This is especially important for big guys with power heavy styles.
  14. Yeah, what they said, every company needs their jobbers.
  15. Well someone has to be enhancement talent op. JTG is making the Rybacks of this world look a million bucks.
  16. Honestly... Zack Ryder is all the jobber they need. So, yeah... He should be let go.
  17. Now that's just silly.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Now that is silly!
  19. Why would you respond to me in a childish way?
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