how audience know about brock lesnar will be return to wwe after wrestlemania 28?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. brock lesnar was returned to wwe raw which is night after wrestlemania 28,
    but i saw one man who is sitting in audience showed "brock is returned " of paper or poster or banner. how he know that brock will be returned on that night?
  2. Because people saw him at wrestlemania, put two and two together and spread it over the net.
  3. I understand do not your message
  4. There were rumours Brock was in Miami where Wrestlemania 28 was held so obviously word got around he would be returning
  5. Signs often get handed out when fans get in the building..
  6. Rumors were all over the internet.
  7. Well that's simple. The internet had leaked it before the show had even started.
  8. Can we delete this thread? It's embarrassing to the forums
  9. :true:
  10. :yes:
  11. Brock will return at wrestlemania when his contract expires
  12. The internet basically. The crowd was very smarkish (smart fans) and word had obviously spread. Though it wasn't confirmed, it was just a rumour.
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