Music How crazy has this year been for Rock/Metal so far?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. I just wanna point this out, this year has been a good year so far for people in the genres of Rock/Alt. Metal/Grunge/Metalcore:

    -Just today, August Burns Red releases new album "Found In Far Away Places"
    -Breaking Benjamin ends hiatus, releases new album "Dark Before Dawn"
    -Five Finger Death Punch is releasing new album "Got Your Six"
    -Red released "Of Beauty & Rage"
    -Three Days Grace released "Human" (could've been better)
    -Adm Gontier and Mushok's new band, Saint Asonia, is relasing their debut self titled album
    -We Came As Romans is releasing a new self titled album
    -Bullet for My Valentine will be releasing a new album "Venom"
    -Disturbed ended their hiatus by surprise and is releasing a new album, "Immortalized"
    -The Devil Wears Prada is releasing a new EP, "Space"
    -Miss May I is releasing a new album, "Deathless"
    -blessthefall is releasing a new album, "To Those Left Behind"
    -Parkway Drive is releasing a new album, "Ire"
    -Shinedown just joined the mix yesterday with a new song, "Cut the Cord"
    -Incubus released "Trust Fall EP-SideA", Side B to be coming soon (okay could've been better too)

    anything else?
  2. Tremonti's "Cauterize" album is pretty badass
  3. Oh, and Muse's "Drones" record is dope. So awesome!
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