How damn good was HBK?

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  1. His promo with Bryan I thought was fucking awesome. I completely dig a heel HBK. What did you guys think?
  2. I got the impression that he hadn't turned heel. He seemed apologetic and wasn't exactly being a dick. Maybe I'll have to watch the segment again.
  4. HBK walked a very fine line. He didn't turn heel but he definitely played heel as the promo went on.

    I have a feeling that's about all we'll see of Shawn during this feud. He's served his purpose.

  5. I'm not so sure he turned heel until the, what was it? "Bokey" or something line, that was the turn for me. That was when you knew, he ain't fucking around. The intensity went up another notch and that whole promo was incredible. Easily my favourite part of the show.
  6. Bryan screwed bryan
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    And @Rhod screwed @Rhod! :pipebomb:
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  8. The Heart Break Kid was right there tough.

    How dare Bryan tried to perform a move to HHH Infront of his best friend since D-Generation X, Shawn Michaels!?

    Eventually, HHH was supporting HBK there...

    And Emperor, Shut The FUCK UP! -_-

    One of the Greatest Wrestler of WWE, the man who invented Ladder Match, gave his best to defeat undertaker, tried once again, but FAILED!
    He Saluted Undertaker aftermath, Undertaker Legacy Continued but HBK Showed the GREATNESS, THE REAL CHAMPION DIGRESS!
    There's countless Achievement of Shawn Michaels, You just abused him because of SCREW?
    Once think of it dude, Okay Fine, i don't wanna tell Full Mahabharat..
    But in the bottomline, i've to say...

    He even got chance to Ref WWE Championship Match as voted by WWE Fans, Reffing it, is a ACHIEVEMENT!
    What did you achieved yet? huh?

  9. Damn, how didn't we realise this? :emoji_slight_frown:

    Absolutely golden. HBK is completely hit or miss on the mic for me, and that was the biggest hit we've had from him in a long time IMO. As for whether he turns heel or not, it's hard to tell. Before tonight's promo I wasn't really in favour of heel Michaels, but after that I'd happily see more of it; as long as it led to Shawn eventually turning on Trips.

    I know it would seem hypocritical of Shawn to come back after he criticised Flair for doing the same thing - but would anybody really care if it meant us getting Shawn Michaels vs Daniel Bryan?!
  10. U have to joking right? Stop trolling I am huge fans of HBK! I more piss off at WWE and HHH for having HBK do it!
  11. Heel HBK is best for business :tyson:
  12. Good promo, but he should stay on the sidelines IMO. Supporting character roles only. Heel or otherwise.
  13. DB vs HBK WM leggooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  14. Heel HBK at WrestleMania? What if HHH says Orton isn't good enough and he'll give declares Shawn as the new WWE title a month or so before WM?
  15. Bryan vs HBK doesn't need the WWE title involved. It is bigger than the WWE title, like Punk/Brock was.
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  16. Yeah, but may bring more casuals. I mean, HBK competing again with the gold handed to him may bring more viewers than a one on one match.
  17. Its Wrestemania. The name itself brings the casuals
  18. That's true. HBK brings the casuals as well, and the WWE championship is probably one of the reasons casuals buy WWE PPVs, because they think the WWE title is the most important thing for the company (in my honest opinion it should be the WH title, but nevermind). Now, put everything together and you'll get a lot more casuals. At least that's how I think it should be.
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  19. Seconded. I mean just the description alone sets them apart. I'm the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP vs. I'm the champ of this here wrestling company. World>company
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  20. And World > Vince McMahon's ass