Backlash How do you think the first Backlash will be?

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    In terms of the new era Backlash, how do you think this PPV will be has a whole?
    Do you think they will start any new traditional matches? Will they have guest stars appear?
    I know this is a Smackdown exclusive so one would think it is a lesser PPV but I can see it being better than Summerslam if they play the card right.

    Share your thoughts!
  2. The "L" looking like a splash coupled with the fact that lash is a colloquial term for urination has ruined this poster for me. Makes me think of wet shins after a strong breeze from nowhere.
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  3. Well let's see....

    The main event looks good with AJ Styles and Ambrose.

    Also Randy Orton vs Wyatt may be a match with a good story.

    Then we have the 6 pack Challenge for the Women's title, sounds ok.

    Then there will be whoever is in the finals of the tournament for the tag belts.

    Those four matches seem alright, just I am not sure what they will do to build around it. PPVs are 3 hours and Smackdown is 2 hours, so I am curious what they will do to fill the rest.
  4. The build-up towards Backlash seems to be going well as of this week's SmackDown.

    All I hope is that the show isn't 3 hours long.
  5. I want it to succeed but I could see it being the JUST fuck my shit up: The PPV. Really think the success of this PPV dictates the future of the brand split.
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