how far will the undertaker's streak go??

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by shrayan, May 10, 2012.

  1. the undertaker is now 20-0 but how far will the deadman take it more??
  2. Until he retires. I doubt he will ever lose the streak. I think there would be a huge negative backlash against the person who beat him for the streak at this point.

    Taker is in his late forties, so it's not a stretch that he could retire soon, perhaps after Wrestlemania 30. They always makes a big deal of doing a Wrestlemania every decade, so it would be a fitting way to end that show.
  3. 25-0. Calling it.
  4. Really? I can't see that happening personally.Though he still does put on quality matches, but he seems to be struggling a bit more now and I worry he will hurt himself. Think he could face Johnboy this Wrestlemania though.
  5. Last WM he was more healthy than he was the year before. If he's a one match a year guy, that can easily happen for the next 5 years.
  6. Yeah I guess, still think he will struggle to last 5 more years though even if he is inactive as he has to stay fit. They seem to be killing his mystique a bit as well which suggest to me he may be retiring soon.
  7. I think it should last until WM 30, but they'll probably stretch it to 25-0.
  8. Is there even enough quality opponents (big names, not Rhodes/Ziggler/Barrett/etc.) to go to 25-0?
  9. It'll go when the pussy undertaker of the next generation or in the future when Miz's record at mania reaches at 10 and then he loses. Or else in general never.