How good was that face to face?

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  1. Between Cena & Daniel Bryan. Rate it out of 10.

    I thought it was absolutely exceptional. Cena's promo was fantastic. He has limited material to work with when he portrays a character like that, but I thought his promo was seriously good. The best part for me is how Daniel Bryan matched him. Cena is one of the best talkers in wrestling, but Bryan hung in there tonight. I love the angle WWE are going with where Bryan is focusing on him being a WRESTLER - nice to hear that word used on RAW - and how his past and hunger is helping him, but Cena's isn't respecting him yet but is showing that Bryan is getting under his skin.

    Honestly, this build has been great. I've not been so excited for a match for a long long time.
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  2. Loved how they both looked good and how Cena was in a pissy mood. When Cena is pissed = Good Cena
    Also, just posting the video here.

  3. I also laughed at Triple H when he got in the ring and started laughing with Daniel Bryan and he looked at Cena and got all serious.
  4. Daniel Bryan was pretty good on the mic. He had the fans behind him all the way, but the irony of being on tv and saying you don't watch tv...When it came to Cena's side of the segment, it felt rehashed. He talked about the fans, like he did with Punk & Rock, and generally just tried to stay neutral. One quick question though, at what point did Miz just up and leave? Its like shit hit the fan and Miz was all "I'm gone!" That or he saw Triple H and invisible shovel coming and made a run for it .
  5. I saw someone else on Twitter or something say that it was ironic. How? He doesn't own a TV and just because he is on TV, it doesn't mean he watches it. I fail to understand the irony there tbh, unless your point is he must watch himself or his peers sometimes? I dunno.

    I didn't even notice Miz left, and I didn't notice he was there, lmao. He left? Wow. I didn't think HHH or Orton needed to appear in this segment, especially HHH, but the segment was already over by then.
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  6. 10/10 DB stepped his game up and cena always delivers on a big promo.
  7. Some people here were saying it too. It's not like he was lying about it either, during total divas(awesome source) He explains to cena that he doesn't have a tv because he doesn't much like it.
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  8. Not gonna add anything, promo was amazing.

    But did anybody notice the fan when Daniel Bryan asked if all the people Cena faced was better then him? The fan yelled, "they are!" Gave me a good laugh.
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  9. Funniest thing about it is Bryan is a better wrestler than all of them.
  10. I really got behind that segment and it was easily the best thing on that night, the last segment with Punk was ok, but D-bry really took it to Cena. It makes even more sad that he's probably going to lose, unless they want Orton to turn Heel.
  11. I don't watch anymore and this was probably the first promo I've seen since Money In The Bank, certainly the first involving Bryan & Cena so you can just go ahead and take my opinion with a grain of salt.

    Meh, it was okay. I will say that the delivery was great though (especially Bryan), that's the best part of the promo for me, with the possible exception of the slapping bit. Anyway, I have a question, does Bryan legitimately believe his "Cena's not a wrestler, he's a parody of one" bit or it is just mind games? I kind of doubt it's the latter but I figured there is a chance of it and I really don't want it to be the former since it's just a really stupid claim. Cena was much worse, can't believe he actually outright said you have to win the WWE Championship to earn his respect. So essentially, he doesn't respect the vast majority of the WWE roster. What a dick.
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  12. Agreed with Mustafar. Kinda disrespected all the other guys who didnt win the title. Really enjoyed the first promo of Bryan. I believe hes talking the way we the 'smarks' think. Bryan is a wrestler, Cena is a show. And thats it.
    Then Cena, cut a great promo but again, same old shit. I mean, I respect what Cena does outside the ring and stuff. But come on, is like if hes the only one who does charity. Ask Bryan to go to one of those Make a wish events and the kid instead of saying You cant see me, they will say YES YES YES. Give Bryan 11 reings, 8 years at the top. 7 clean losses in 8 years, a superhero gimmick and the being the face of the company. I mean, what Cena does is great. But im sure he isnt the only guy in the locker room that would do that.

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  14. I don't even know what this is supposed to fucking mean. Next time you want to post an opinion, actually post your damn opinion rather than unfunny gifs because it seems like you're trying far too hard to look smart.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Dont do it....usually a member vs DZ thread only ends in a shitload of posts being deleted :upset:
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  17. It means its subjective. Saying Daniel Bryan Danielson is a better wrestler than, say, Mark Henry, really is subjective. We can debate here all day, honestly...but debating fanboys makes me sick to my stomach,

    I'm not saying Henry is a better wrestler than Bryan...I'm only saying I'm not debating you (or any other fanboy) about it.

    Nothing personal, try and limit the butt-hertia
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    I liked it a lot, I thought both guys were good.

    Though if you're not a smark don't you think Bryan came off as kinda douchey? (I think Rain mentioned something like this before). I mean I'd be asking "why's this little guy being such a dick to Cena lol? Cena's a pretty nice guy and he's been wreslting for a while now" Just something I noticed, but I'm probably looking too much into it.
    Also, it was funny seeing Cena mention the children and all that bullshit especially after Bryan was saying "only wrestling matters nothing else!" Cena basically replied with "I am here for the same reason as you !..... the fans... the kids..." Idk it was funny to me.
    Loved the ending, notice how the "real wrestler" ended up getting slapped, yet the "entertainer" didn't because he didn't deserve it. Pretty cool symbolism there.
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  19. Cena has faced many great wrestlers from the likes of Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, ect.
    Stop being such a DB mark and belittling all those talent like Daniel Bryan is god.

    This is his reaction to your opinion. Figure out WHY he would post it.
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  20. Yeah, i kinda see your deal... its kind of equivalent to the whole Bruno Sammartino refusing the HOF because VInce hurt his feelings (or whatever the f*** excuse he had)

    Danielson is jealous....Cena can do less and make $ and Danielson just can't stand it...U jelly bro?

    it's funny how he calls Cena an entertainer, yet Bryan hops to the ring screaming 'Yes' so the puppets can cheer along with b****