How i think cena will turn

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  1. Cenas turn will be like no other currently cena is making wwe a lot of money with sales so they don't wasn't him to loose the 4-10 year old respect level so he will do a baby turn he will say if you like me then I like you and we did it the champ is here bla bla bla but then hell say to all those who don't like john cena I just don't give a crap (or Fucck) it will be this if he ever turns :obama::downer:
  2. I think he would act virtually the same as a heel anyway so you are probably right.
  3. Though your prob wrong, it's possible that WWE would make a stupid decision like that. However, WWE hasn't always been stupid, ya know. If they take something like Cena in the future, and give him a big heel turn, that would change the way WWE is for a LONG time. Cena has always been the face of the WWE ever since he changed to a face. To take that man, and give him a baby turn, as you put it, would be a stupid move on WWE's behalf.

    If your going to finally turn this baby face into a heel, you should do it right if you want to get ratings. Maybe we will see Cena team with Heyman in the future, to try and take out Punk? Who knows, I don't..maybe Cena will JOIN Punk and Heyman in the future, and try to take out HHH, or someone of the sort...they should do it right. Take Steve Austin for example, they made him heel, right? Steve Austin did everything in his power to make those people hate him, but all they did was grow to love him, and cheer him on. Then that whole Vince/Austin feud started, and blew up austin even bigger as a lovable heel. Then one day, Vince said, "Hey! I know a way to make these people hate you! Join sides with me!!", So, after all that time, they finally found a way to get steve austin over as a hateable heel, which was to join the one man he despised, the one man everyone despised. They could do this with john cena and Punk, or simply Cena and Lesnar, with Heyman in the back, managing this ruthless team of heels in the future. I don't know how it's all going to work out, i'm just saying, if WWE were SMART, they would take their baby face of the company, and turn him into a MEAN, RUTHLESS, HATEFUL full blown heel if they really wanted reactions from the crowd. Cena has the potential to be a great heel, much better than a baby face, thats for sure, but WWE has to give him that chance. I will admit, Dr. Thugonamics was a silly gimmick, but he got people to hate his guts, and thats what a heel does, now, maybe they can turn him into a more serious heel this time around, if not, then they shouldn't even bother trying, imo.
  4. I choose baby turn due to I did not know the correct term to put and no if cena goes full on heel his sales will drop.
  5. He should have turn last night!
  6. I don't think he will ever heel turn since WWE needs him to be the good guy to keep the kids worshiping him and buying all his toys. As much as a heel turn would be fun for those of us who watch for a good storyline, WWE doesn't give a crap about us.
  7. I don't believe he will ever turn full blown heel either, but we have seen weirder things in the WWE before. Also, Cena's sales may drop, or they may get higher, we don't know, it depends how they pull off the turn, and how the fans react to it. You may not like a full heel turn, they might, who knows.

    Also, who cares if Cena loses sales? Its time to make room for other superstars to shine, Punk can sell merchandise just fine, so can ziggler. WWE doesn't NEED Cena's sales to be sky high, they can take a chance and turn him full heel, it might be for the better.
  8. Oh don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a full heel turn by Cena since I think the reason I hate him is because he's such a goody two shoe but I am being realistic. Like Shane McManons entrance music claimed, it's all about the money and really that's what WWE is about.
    Good guys sell toys while bad guys don't, it's the hero worship, cult of personality if you will. A good example of this is Hogan's heel turn back during the NWO, being a kid during that era I know how parents reacted during it and were so apalled to even let their kids support him aka buy his toys, my own dad included. Along with the parents, his turn was so traumatic to the kids, that if you ever watch the NWO dvd with it on it, you can see kids bawling in the stands. Now think about it with Cena's scale and community work he does aka that bullying thing and Make A Wish. It would devastate the kids who love him in both programs and WWE knows this. They need the kids to keep getting the money out of the parents pockets.
  9. Vince cares if his sales drop cena brings in millions of revenue alone and I never said I wouldent like a full heel I would love it
  10. I was waiting for that. But I dident happen glad he won tho :phew:
  11. OH HELL NO!
  12. :yes::yes::yes::dawg:
  14. :mad2: :dawg: U FUNNNY
  16. :rock: true about the ME but not about the champ :pity: :pipebomb:
  18. Way more than 4 months. I wouldn't be surprised if they let him beat Punk's streak against Punk next year.
  19. Wow this thread went off the track, thanks for ignoring my very valid post.
  20. Wait he's not a heel? Everytime he comes out he gets booed. Isn't that a heel reaction? :phew: