How many WWE events have you attended?

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  1. I've been to one RAW, last November in Manchester.

    How many house shows/PPVs/TV tapings have you been to?
  2. 1 RAW
    1 House show
    3 SmackDowns
    SummerSlam 04
    WM X8
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  3. I've been to a house show in Torrevieja, Spain in 2008.
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  4. Wrestlemaina 22. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  5. A house show in Arizona when I was 9 I think
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  6. 1988 WCW Starrcade - I know it's not WWE but adding it anyway
    2 WWE House shows and a 3rd coming up a week before WM30
    1 RAW
  7. 1 Raw (07 Draft)
    1 ECW
    1 Smackdown
    7 house shows
  8. 1 Raw
    1 House Show

    Could've gone to WM 26, but that was when I stopped watching rasslin, and didn't start up again until 2013
  9. 1 Raw
    2 Smackdown house shows in 06
    and WrestleMania 22
  10. Oh yeah and the RAW was in 1996 the night Owen and Yokozuna were in the Raw Bowl!
  11. 1 Raw
    1 Smackdown
  12. None and I intend to keep it that way
  13. never have never will
  14. Assuming my 1 Impact taping doesn't count, none. There was a Smackdown taping here but there was a Subway on the way to the ticket office and there was no way I was passing on Subway for Smackdown tickets
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  15. 0, I'm considering going to an Australian live event in April, but if WWE continues the way they are now I may rethink my decision.
    One day I want to go overseas to WrestleMania or the Royal Rumble.
  16. 0, although I have received offers to go for free, I just have been too busy.
    Maybe if my schedule is clear and a free opportunity came up again then yeah I would probably go to a show, idk I would want to at least go to one of the televised shows.
  17. 2 Raw house shows. Have tickets for a Raw TV taping in April.
  18. 1 Smackdown live tv taping in Birmingham in November 12, was meant to the debut show in Leeds in November 13 but couldnt go in the end
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