How much do you think RAW will change with HHH in charge?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. One ideology floating around the IWC now is constant optimism for HHH taking charge, because of how he understands the business, and how NXT is doing with him in charge. How excited are you for it? Also, be honest here, how much do you think RAW/WWE in general will change? I mean, it's easy to make changes to a developmental brand with no pressure at all, but is it as easy to change the whole company direction - which it would - when you have millionaire investors on your case?

    NXT is a wrestling show, RAW is a global brand/money maker, so just how much would HHH change? Whether we like it or not, WWE keeps making more money each year, and that has to have some sort of influence.

    Anyway, this will be an interesting discussion.
  2. If he is going to make the change it'll be gradual over time. I don't see it happening from one week to the next. He'll slowly bring in the style of characters and promos he thinks will work. I am excited for this change because at this point I think any change would be good change. This years WM really was disappointed and predictable, so something needs to be done. I don't see WWE doing a complete 180 and ignoring the things that make them the most money on merch (smiley, boring face merch) and going full on gritty and realistic. What I do see is the elimination of 100% scripted promos and more emphasis on the evolution of feuds.
  3. I'm also very optimistic. Although it's easier to change NXT than Raw, I believe he'll be able to get Raw the way he wants it to get just like he did with NXT, it'll just take more time. I'm sure he'll improve the characters, storylines and promos.
  4. I HOPE he has the sense he's had over time to sign talented guys and push guys who deserved to be pushed.
  5. In a way he has already started with his signings down in NXT. Defo got a business brain i think behind it all as well.
  6. I look at the way he runs NXT and then WWE. He knows how to run a developmental show, he knows what star needs to focus on what, and he knows that their in ring needs to be adjusted more then anything before going onto the main roster. That is smart, and when he sees Raw I can see there being more wrestling. Of course casuals like the promos and segments, but I can see these promos and segments being better since they'll contribute to feuds and being relevant rather then the random boring crap they shovel down our throats. I personally can't wait, HHH is more in touch with the fans then Vince is.