WrestleMania How much would you pay fo going to WM?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rain, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Since I live in Spain..and Spain is not gonna host a WM till 2015 :)dawg:)
    Ive always wondered how much is the maximum I would pay for going to WM...
    So my quetion is...You live in New York,How much would you pay for this years WM?


    Im gonna say 200 max.
  2. If i lived in NY probs up to a £100 so whatever that converts to in USD.
  3. I guess I could afford the upper seats http://www.stubhub.com/wwe-tickets/wrestlemania-29-4-7-2013-4147363/
  4. If the event were being held in my backyard I would probably pay like $50 to $75

    Considering it wouldn't be in my backyard and I would have to travel somewhere I don't want to go to an event I barely want to see.. not worth the time and effort. So $0
  5. As much as they ask. Regardless of the card, Wrestlemania is special. I'd love to see it live.
  6. Yeah but check out the link I posted , u might want ringside and pay 2000 or upper seats an pay 160
  7. I'm not paying 2000 to see any event live unless I'm rich or something. Fuck that. I might go for 200 or maybe 300 or so, but nothing above that.
  8. I'd pay in-between for the middle seats. I wouldn't want the nose bleeds but I don't feel 2000 is justified.
  9. Going with my kid:
    Going by car gas-100$
    Hotel 4 nights-320$
    AXXESS 2 days-240$
    WM(sec 121)-400$
    Parking,public transportation-80$

    Total-1640$ CND

    I will be staying at the super8 i am debating if i should go to AXXESS & WM buy car or buy public transportation??? its my first time there and the NJ transit is a bit confusing especially from my hotel,any help would be appreciated
  10. 1 million dollars *raises pinky to lips*

    Yeah I'd love to go for the atmosphere if nothing else so I'd set up around 1k
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