How pissed off would you be?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. If Punk cuts a promo tonight where it seems like he's not a heel at all. In fact, he's still a face.

    Out of 10, post the rage.
  2. 383747529853358/10
  3. OVER 9000/10!
  4. :bury::bury::bury::bury: I would shoot myself right there and then.
  5. I think your sig would change immediately.
  6. After what happened last week super sadface.
  7. Hell yeah it would. Now you've got the thought in my head though I can really see it happening.

    "Only joking gaizz, still love you the WWE Universe!"

  8. :lol1: I would rage so much.
  9. 1, I'm not that bothered to be honest.
  10. If punk was still face, It wouldn't bother me. because I like punk no matter what!
  11. I'd be pissed. Not more than I already am but I'd be pretty mad.
  13. I wonder how fast he'll go from IWC darling again to IWC decliner.
  14. His explanation will play a huge part on that for sure.
  15. It's kinda obvious he'll cut a face promo.
    Tag team main event with John Cena.
    Turns on Cena.
  16. more than when SuperCena beat Lesnar with an FU at the end.
  17. Not sure how it's obvious. Him attacking Rock was the climatic event that makes it seem like he's turned heel. Why make that null by then cutting a face promo and then doing the same action again? It just seems pointless and makes his attack on The Rock irrelevant.
  18. Maybe I didn't mean obvious.
    It's like when Cena gave the FU to The Rock before Wrestlemania 27.