How things really swing in Sweden.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Not a very flattering picture of you Alkaline, but I dig the jeans.
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  2. Jesus Alkaline really? Can you not control yourself?
  3. He must get tyred of that.
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  4. Especially when he never takes any brakes.
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  5. Must be pretty tiny downstairs to fit in a TIRE puncture :shock:
  6. Whoops, I'll continue the theme:

    What a strange chain of events
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  7. Well it's a better ride than you'll get in Scotland.
  8. Stopspot always seemed like a dynamic person to me.
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  9. Someone caught my evil twin brother on film.
  10. "A possible link to a series of crimes that happened in 2007 has been considered."

    Jeez that's the most bizarre thing ITT.
  11. If that's the way he rolls I guess we shouldn't judge.
  12. Who am I to judge him? I live my whole life without any sort of dignity whatsoever. Hell, I once had my sperm drop in the glass of my girl and she said oh boy is this juice thick or what?
  13. You too?
  14. I know you think I'm a saint, and a Santa Claus, and the almighty, and yours truly, and God knows whatnot, but I ain't. I am a addicted person. I make people bleed for no reason.
  15. Just because you jackoff somebody else, doesn't mean it's your sperm.
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  16. Now, now, no wagering please. This is a serious issue. My sperm was taken away from me ilegally by the girl, lets be honest, is in this country ilegally!
  17. :zeb: Did you say illegally?
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  18. Yes.[​IMG]
  19. :zeb: THAT'S IT!! First they come over here, taking our jobs, our money, our lives, now they're taking our sperm!?
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