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  1. IWT has boomed and is in my eyes the most blossomed it has ever been in terms of production, work rate and quality.

    However I feel there are some things that need to be addressed.

    The brand split.
    We have a lot of people in IWT now, so splitting up the roster seemed to make sense. However now we have a line in the sand. People are forced to face other people in their brands. This is great for setting more matches and helping lesser posters get involved.

    The problem with this however is if people in your brand are not posting promos and character development, then being on that brand is going to be very boring. I don't want to face some random guy just because he is on my brand. I want to face him because I have read their stuff and want to have a good match.

    Vice should be replaced with a Biweekly show that features 2 matches from each brand. This allows for more, quick matches to be happening and will stop things from getting so stale after PPV's.

    If you want the brand split to work there has to be a prize to fight for. Each brand needs it's own championships to further more reason to RP, develop characters and actually care about what is going on in your brand.

    (Feel free to post and thoughts you have and keep it calm.)
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  2. I don't think two separate world titles is a good idea at the moment, we need to make sure there is a lot more roster depth first for both brands.

    Everything else I can't really comment on because I've just been back here for a few days, but I gotta say, I'm loving the new content here.
  3. G1 Style Tournament

    Either use this for Civil War or make it it's own thing.

    Battleground & Warfare pick a set number of their "Best". All champions are ineligible to be chosen.

    Then a tournament bracket is set up. The winner gets a trophy and some major bragging rights. Even those that make it to the finals/semi-finals get some bragging rights. It makes for some amazing matches and also gives some upper-mid, mid-card guys a major push.
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  4. As much as I want this it could take a long time to complete the tournament. Been on a lot of forums where there are big tournaments like these and they can take months to complete.
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  5. Depends on the amount of people. It can be as little as four even. That way you get five good quality matches.
  6. All straight truth right there. I'm going to build off that.

    -I wouldn't say we need totally different champions per brand. Maybe if we had a bit more dedicated people it'd be a good idea. I say 2 main event titles. One for Warfare, one for Battleground. One mid-card title for both brands, one tag title for both brands. Maybe introduce a separate mid-card title if the roster gets larger.

    -I like Vice somewhat, but I say fuck it right now. We need to do bi-weekly brand shows to really make the brand split mean something. So something like:
    Week 1- Episode of Warfare with 2-3 matches, segments, etc.
    Week 2-Episode of Battleground, 2-3 matches, segments, etc.
    Week 3- Episode of Warfare
    Week 4-Episode of Battleground
    PPV. Whether that be Battleground or Warfare or combined.
    Repeat cycle. Maybe have two separate writing teams for each brand if possible. That might seem like a lot but I definitely think we should at LEAST have separate brand shows, other than just PPVs.

    -Everyone needs to step up. I have been looooving what I've been seeing from a lot of you guys, real good stuff this last week from those who posted, but I think IWT has a lottt of talent right now but a lot of it is going to waste. It seems like a lot of people are just sitting around doing nothing waiting to have a match. That ain't how it works here, people. A lot of y'all need to build your character whenever possible. Create feuds and memorable moments with whoever. Make your matches MEAN something by hyping it up for a week beforehand. The matches I've been seeing have been dope but half of you guys aren't doing anything outside of the matches so y'all are being forgotten fast. Step up and do dope shit <3

    -Instead of an annual draft, it should be every 6 months to really shake things up. And it should also be live to add a special feel to it. If our roster gets huge, then I think an annual draft would work, but for now 6 months is plenty of time.

    The big thing though is everyone just needs to step up. It could be a lot worse right now and I've been enjoying the promos I have seen, but those of you that just expect to be given matches without any build at all, it just ain't gonna happen anymore and if it does, no one is going to care. I'm so hyped for the future of IWT and I think these ideas will help immensely. #DKforCreative
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  7. We have plenty of roster depth and talent on both brands. If everyone on both brands stepped up, two separate world titles would be beneficial for all. It's all a matter of everyone doing their part. I don't think a brand split means shit without a face for each brand and you can't have a face of a brand without a champion.
  8. i think we should have a rival comperay and every iwtmaina we should face off with them in a royal rumble
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  9. Basically how me and @The Real GOAT went against the NGW guys....
  10. Literally every IWTMaina till the end of time should have one 30-man Royal Rumble between a rival comperay and the IWT roster? Man, how didn't we think of this earlier

    Imo, the draft has been a colossal failure. In reality, we don't have enough depth in the roster to do a proper draft. Saying it's there to make new stars is just not true, because an e-fed isn't pre-determined, meaning you can't ''make'' new stars. A star makes himself, and with or without the draft, you still have to get yourself over and if you're good enough, you're gonna get yourself over no matter what. Nobody understands what's happening with the schedule, nothing has been explained and I'm pretty sure nobody really knows what's going on with the draft except for Tsar. It's extremely vague to the point that I wanna bash my head through the computer everytime I'm seeing anything about it. I know it'd make most of the work for the draft and the ''hype'' that was surrounding it quite pointless, but I'm honestly pretty for the idea that it gets dropped and that we just continue without brands. The idea for the brands came because Tsar and all those creative lads are writing all the matches, and it's a lot of work so they wanted to make it easier for themselves, which I can understand but I really wouldn't mind writing 1 or 2 matches a show if that meant no brands, and I know Drag would be alright with doing that as well, since IWT is just really a bit of a mystery to me and others ever since the drafts, and I just don't know what's going on anymore and it's quite annoying.
  11. If that's the case, the brand split would be dead. The reason for a brand split was to give people more of an opportunity to shine through the roster, lessen the work load for Creative and have more people on the card; nevertheless, all of this is accompanied by the fact that so many other people are posting promos, voting and being active. If people stop doing so, then the brand split is better off dead.

    We are currently planning this. The only thing we have left to determine is the number of competitors, how they gain entry and the date.

    It's more so to get people on the card, and to give them an opportunity on a level playing field. You have 7-8 matches on a card, and it comes down to low vote numbers because they see somebody like Shadow is having match, so they likely wouldn't care to invest and read in the newer guys promos. It was apparent just recently. Matches between newer members were in the 11-12 range, and established guys got to 18-20 range. It can be said that they need to work, just like everyone else, to get the spotlight, but why not level it so that everyone can enjoy a piece of the IWT high? It's easier for Creative, and it's easier for others. Also, what exactly is confusing, I'd glad-fully answer the questions.

    I'm gonna read through the rest of the suggestions, and see what can be done to accommodate each suggestion.
  12. lol this is hilarious, I don't know who deserves to use this line less - you or THG. I'm glad to see you both finally stepping up.

    I'll be around to vote on matches and be one about 10 mins a day? Just spending less time on everything online and will be back when everything is settled. Keep people interested, the weekly matches are great and there is no reason to do a bi weekly deal with both brands when you can see what people invest in voting/viewing wise weekly through matches and feuds. Do what you are doing and if it fails, fix it. For now it seems like what is going on is what everyone thinks will work best.
  13. Your ego gets bigger and bigger the longer I know you, bud. Chill yourself. Idk how you think i've never stepped up before, guess being a 3x champion dont mean shit. THG and I were runnin shit for all of 2014, we build a whole feud up for a year, with promos on a weekly basis, and that ain't "steppin up"? You act like you're the most active IWT member of all time and you still think you know what's best for IWT but I really think you don't at the moment. It's a wholeee new time here, we're tryna change things to make IWT even better and that ain't gonna happen with dudes like you shuttin everything down cause you think your opinions more valid than others.

    I was referring to the newer members who don't know exactly what IWT's about yet. A lot of guys are doing their part right now but a handful of guys arent.
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  14. You took my inch and stretched it a mile. I'm not in matches and am letting the better and new people have chances - you are being heated about nothing there. You really need to re-read my line there.

    You bailed with a belt, just like THG did. When 2014 ran it was literally match to match and was running well, where did I even say anything about that?
  15. DK James didn't bolt while champion. THG did, twice. But not DK.
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  16. What Tsar said. I lost the title then no showed one match and everything went to shit afterwards and everyone including myself lost interest. You said it was funny that I said everyone needs to step up. I might not have been here in over a year but i'm back now and im really tryna help IWT prosper again. I just think if everyone stepped up we'd be able to have two separate brands and make it work perfectly, things are goin good right now but it can be so much better. I sounded pretty heated there but i'm really not i just took everything you said in a negative way. probably wasn't meant to be completely but it's all good.
  17. This is what I think about the suggestions.

    G1 Tournament - We have already this down.

    VICE - I like the idea of having the show dedicated to a show, each week. I'm thinking of starting that as soon as possible. So, the next episode will be a Warfare only show.

    Dual titles - I'm torn on this. Having only one top prize, it gives more prestige behind the title since it's really the biggest prize. But having two title would be a good idea. I'm not sure, and would like @Shadow, @Nickelodeon and @Jacob Fox 's opinion on that.

    6 month draft - I like this idea. We'll be doing it, and next time it will be live.

    IWTMania battle royal - That's a horrible idea, and your little fricking jokes are pretty lame.

    Draft questions - I just re-read the Draft thread, and I'm 100% sure it explains everything from PPVs to the title idea.
  18. My bad, and I have no place to be talking shit either way. Yeah wasn't meant to be more than a little shit talk, but I word shit so poorly.
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    Honestly, this is my thought on that. You recently unified the secondary titles so that there is only one secondary title. I think that's fine and don't reverse it. I honestly think each brand should have it's version of the world title, just like Raw and Smackdown used to have. But instead of creating a new secondary title, leave the IC title as the only secondary title and let it be challenged cross brand. Therefore you have a wrestler on the top of each brand who can claim to the champion of that brand and you keep only one secondary title so as to not clutter it up with too many titles. This allows for a bigger diversity of storylines concerning top titles, but also allows some inter brand stories to revolve around the IC champion.

    When you create two separate brands but have only one world champion to be over both brands, it really doesn't seem like you've created two brands at all. You've simply designated that only Warfare wrestlers can wrestle Warfare wrestlers and Battleground wrestlers can wrestler only Battleground wrestlers. Everyone in both brands would still be competing for the same major title and therefore there really is not enough actual distinction between the two at all. Without a top prize for each brand, the brand extension actually seems kinda pointless to me... and I read your previous post where you explained it, but still, those are issues that could be solved differently than a brand extension. A brand extension allows for two top prizes for people to compete for and it gives them an actual better chance at getting a top championship. Wrestlers will have more opportunity to get title matches and not feel like they are just sort of lost in the fold.

    Without the two titles, you still have the same amount of wrestlers, the same amount of people working to write, everyone is still doing the same amount of work... but for what? For the exact same title that they were all competing for when there was only one brand and really nothing else. I think the only reason to truly have two brands is if each one is competing for their own world title.

    Just my thought.
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  20. Perfectly said.
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