How To Find Yourself

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  1. I thought this was a good read...

    "I had everything—a home, a loving husband, two gorgeous daughters, financial security. I wanted for nothing. For years, this life was welcomed.
    I felt safe. But over time, safe stopped serving me. Safe became confinement, imprisonment—I was actually miserable. I was empty.
    I was lost…completely lost, with no clue how to get home.
    “Where was home?,” I began to ask. I might as well have been sitting in the middle of the Sahara, not my beige Pottery Barn sectional.
    My life was uncomfortably predictable—I knew what was going to happen next, in every moment of every day.
    The stagnancy of my life was destroying my spirit. I was no longer myself, and I knew the journey from where I was back to my home was going to be a scary, uncertain one; but at some point I had no choice. I couldn’t live separate from myself anymore, so I started walking without any idea where I was going.
    That was three and a half years ago.
    Today, I’m writing this from home, from the same beige couch.
    The difference? Me, and the thousand of miles I’ve traveled since. The thousands of experiences I’ve collected to bring me right back here, home—found.
    There were many frightening moments, many moments I didn’t think I would make it. I made mistake after mistake, which catapulted me in the exact direction I was meant to go. I don’t regret any of it, because all of the wrong choices led me to the right place, every step of the way.
    If there’s one piece of advice I would give every person, it would be to get lost.
    Finding yourself is not a comfortable process, nor should it be. It is petrifying.
    This period of confusion is the catalyst for questioning everything, for evaluating your life and your place in it. When you start asking the questions, you will find the answers. Just be prepared—your answers may not be the answers you want, but they are always the answers you need.
    If you already feel lost, listen closely. Your spirit is screaming, “Help! I’m bored and confused. This present circumstance is no longer fulfilling me. Start looking again. Search every corner. Try new things. Fail miserably and then try something else until you find me. Keep going until you laugh again, until you discover understanding, acceptance, happiness, joy, and most importantly, purpose.”
    When you feel lost, you’ve lost your purpose.
    I remember being consumed with guilt for feeling unappreciative of my blessed life. Over the past few years, I’ve learned that my external circumstance (no matter how perfect it may appear) is insignificant if my internal circumstance is broken, lost and void of aspirations. If I have no purpose, my surroundings will feel purposeless too.
    How do you find purpose?
    Do something, anything. Do anything that is the opposite of what you are doing right now.
    Get uneasy, get scared, become a beginner again. If you think you know it all, find something you know nothing about, and learn it well.
    Observe how you respond and react. You will learn something new about yourself; not only about your character, but what turns on your light. Once you’ve found something that turns on your light, you’ve found purpose.
    When you place yourself in foreign situations, you arrive in your most concentrated form. You will always bump into yourself in the unfamiliar.
    The most difficult part of this process is the aloneness. You can’t rely on anyone else to guide you in the right direction. This is a solo mission. Doing it alone, is the whole point of the journey.
    Listen to yourself regardless of what others may say. All that matters is your encouragement, not others’ discouragement.
    What got me through was trust. I trusted I was always where I was supposed to be, and I would end up where I was meant to be.
    This is your one life. It would be a tragedy to never discover yourself.
    You can’t discover yourself unless you look for yourself, so get lost."
    By Rebecca Lammersen
  2. I always get told if you lose your way you walk until you find yourself again and you have it out with yourself when you meet until you find tge real you.
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  3. Finding who you want to be is where the battle lies. Sometimes who you truly are, and who you would like to be, are completely different things.
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  4. tldr
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  5. TLDR: Guessing I look in the mirror?
  6. Hide and seek is a great way to find things, so I'm gonna say that.
  7. I either get LQ or TLDR. Thanks for your support guys. :haha:
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  8. :sandow:You're welcome. :happy:
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  9. I enjoyed the thread.
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  10. STOP LYING CLOUD! Go back to the sky and make it rain!
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  11. It is raining for me buddy!
  12. I didn't know I was lost :shock:
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  13. Can you be lost in different aspects of your life? If so I'm lost job wise! Need to meet myself in that regard and decide on a career that makes me happy.
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  14. I'm not exactly one to have an existential crisis and if there's one thing I know it's probably myself so I can't say I'll never need to find myself but I read the article anyway and it's filled with a few tips of advices on this subject matter I've read before so I'm sure it works but I can't say I'm a fan of the writer. It's entirely possible I've misinterpreted what she wrote but what essentially got out of this was, "I abandoned my family for three years because I was bored." Granted, the timeframe probably isn't as long, as I hope she just waited a bit before writing this but she outright stated she found herself via travel and she emphases that this is something you have to do alone. Just comes across as a bitch move in my books.
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  15. understatement
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  16. Well yeah. Sometimes people finally do their dream job and realize they want something else/more. In your case, you are like me, where nothing is standing out at the moment. I know what I enjoy but it don't pay crap!
  17. I thought you were gonna link us to some GPS software, in which I would not use on myself, but instead use on this one big tidd- nvm