How to get approved in a user group?

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  1. I don't see anyone approving...
  2. You didn't join any?
  3. I was asking how much does it take to be approved in a user group
  4. The leader and the members of the group decide if you're capable of joining. If you aren't in yet, they're either still voting on whether to accept you or they have denied you. It's completely free unless you're talking about the Legends usergroup.
  5. Then how many post do I require that the group leaders think I am capable for it.
  6. That's up to them. If you're an active and nice member, you can be accepted into a group without a large amount of posts.
    Which other wrestlers do you like other than The Wyatts?
  7. Worship King Diamond and we'll let you into 3MB. Otherwise, :gtfo:
  8. *cough or Dio or Buckethead cough*
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  9. Still see that my request for joining a group is unanswered..
  10. :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. Same. :sad1:
  12. You should start a group or something with your Staff/Mod powers
  13. ANNNND The Hoff is still awaiting for his approval into two groups now..
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  14. Well if there's a German group I'm sure you'll get in no problem
  15. They would most likely appoint me as their leader moments after accepting me. :jericho::ksi::jericho:
  16. your sister and 3 goats.
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  17. That is the standard fee
  18. ha.

    only group that matters is Show off. the rest are jobber groups