How to get to the group page?

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  1. How in the world can I get to the group page where I can request to join a group or leave a group?
  2. I was going to help but I couldn't find it either. :sad:
  3. Hover your username at top right > Join User Groups
    This has been updated recently and now supports join request messages.
  4. I accepted you, knowing you would have to leave.

    Danielson 1 you 0
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    Well I didn't know I was out of the group in the first place, but from what I knew after my return, I can no longer be part of The Shield, 3MB and AD in the same time, I'm sorry Danny , you know I love you buddy but you also know how much I love The Shield (DX or MOD).
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  6. I know i know, i'm just teasing
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  7. But we dont love you.
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  8. :finger: