'How to watch tonight's lunar eclipse'

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  1. I'll try and snap some pics and post them later.
  2. #endtimes #SecondComing #Convert #HeIsComing
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    I pretty much live in a desert (yeah I moved), so the sky is clear as fuck. Will be going out in a bit. inb4 Lucifer falls from the heavens part II. #JesusWho
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  4. It's storming and I can't see the moon at all, hopefully it clears up before 2.
  5. ^
  6. Well I can forget about getting pictures, overcast as fuck outside now and thunderstorms are rolling in around 2AM... kind of disappointed. Are you going to take pictures @deth ?
  7. I'll try. All I have is a shitty phone cam atm tho : (
  8. Shit... this is why someone needs to invent transporter machines... I would beam you over my Nikon lol... Oh well.. I'm sure there will be pictures all over the internet.
  9. There was a break in the rain a few minutes ago.. I went outside. Nothing but clouds.... FUCK!!!
  10. Have a pretty good view, and whilst it's cool I was expecting something bloodier looking. A little disappointing :okay:

    Still cool though :obama:
  11. Yeah it's the color of shit lol
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  12. Blood Moon
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  13. Was raining here, so gayyyyy. But the sky was somewhat red which was a little cool.
  14. Didn't see it. Snowed in april in Ohio.
  15. Why would I want to see Sokka's girlfriend on her period?
  16. Nothing in uk due to it being daylight hours
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