How would you book Ryback?

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  1. Most people agree when it's said that Ryback has potential. Some people compare him to Goldberg. I've heard people say he should be given the World Title soon, or at least the IC Title. But one thing is for sure: it doesn't help much booking him against jobbers every week. So, if you were responsible for booking Ryback, what would you do? Would you push him to the moon? Who would he feud with? Discuss.
  2. I'd leave him title free for now. I'd have him go up against some decent heels, midcard heels. Have him actually feud perhaps with a new midcard heel stable. Obviously Ryback goes over. Play a lot on his "badass anti hero" face status. I'd then put him in a feud with Ace once he clears his schedule up. Ace tries to order Ryback around - you can have it similar to Stone Cold. Ryback wants to go for titles but Ace deep down doesn't want that because Ryback would be too dominant, so he keeps putting obstacles in his way. Eventually Ryback will turn on Ace.

    OR you could have Ryback be the guy to stop this heel Big Show crap. Big Show works Cena's "injured arm" and Cena takes 3 months off. Big Show dominates people on RAW (ugh), Show would be hated, he offers an open challenge and Ryback's music hits. He badass walks down to the ring, gets in the ring, Big Show goes for the WMD and Ryback ducks bouncing off the ropes to spear Big Show (or super clothes line him), looks at the crowd who are popping their tits off and just walks to the back. Have them feud for a month or two, Ryback goes over cleanly both times.
  3. I like both ideas. I would start putting him against midcard heels also, and the stable idea is good. The thing with Ace is also cool, but it would take a while to do it, because he would have to be relatively over.

    The Big Show idea is great (what is hard to happen, considering we're talking about Show). I thought about Ryback feuding with Show when he won the IC Title, but since he's supposed to be a face and he's not that established yet, putting him against other faces already may not be very good. But Ryback kicking Big Show's ass and getting over him just makes everything fit perfectly, the young guy going over an older superstar.
  4. Yeah I prefer the Big Show idea too. I just didn't want to rush him into titles as it never works out. I thought though after the Big Show feud he could then move on to the unified IC championship belt against another heel who the crowd can't stand. I think having him being shock contenders for coward heels = him getting over. Even though Big Show isni't a coward heel it would work just as well if not better going up against a dominant heel and being the victor.

    It works out like this. Dominant heel (Show) has no contenders. People associate Ryback as a tough son of a bitch. Big Show asks anyone in the back for a challenge as he's just knocked off Cena. Ryback walks out, crowd pop since it's a tough SOB to derail the dominant heel. That I think would definitely get Ryback over. But hey, #wwelogic will put Ryback against local wrestlers for a few more months -.-.
  5. That would get him over big time, I'm sure. And having him against a coward heel IC champ later on would be cool, too. But as you said, WWE will just put him against local jobbers for a few more months, his momentum is going to disappear completely, he'll be forgotten when he could be big and they will blame him for not working well instead of themselves for not booking well. As always.

    Is Ryback able to hit his finisher on finisher on Big Show?
  6. My cards are still bet on Ryback getting over by putting the big show over his head and shutting down whatever he is trying to do at that time (I really hope they dont do a big show heel domination run)

    I would book him like i am right now, you probably have to still avoid certain low card people because of the skip NXT deal, but he should be done with the little guys after he put the two over his shoulder, if that didnt get you excited to see him i don't know what would. Maybe have him get into a feud by having someone get a dq on his opponent by giving him a chair shot (keeping his streak going) but seriously pissing him off, setting off random appearances to destroy whatever match the person is in for a few weeks, I cant pick anyone offhand though.
  7. It doesn't look like a certain "World's Strongest Man" has much to do now... and if he's leaving the company anyway, I'd go ahead and have a Ryback vs Mark Henry feud. A little too fast for that? Maybe. Then you can stick him against a Wade Barrett, then an Alberto Del Rio, maybe a Heel Randy Orton, maybe throw one of the three guys they should be protecting but aren't (Rhodes, Dolph, Miz) in there as well. Try to buy time for an entire year before a really credible Daniel Bryan drops the World title to him.
  8. From what I saw the live crowd went mostly ape shit when he hit the double finisher this week. This was judged from physical reaction of the crowd rather then sound since a lot of Smackdowns sound is edited.
  9. Mark Henry is currently injured. He can't put Ryback over for now. And I noticed the excited people when he hit it too, you could see a few guys getting up.
  10. One thing that could put Ryback over would be kicking out of the WMD.
  11. Ryback should adopt the spear, so much better than the clothesline. :dawg: In terms of booking he should lift the big show. It's a known fact that lifting the big show gives one a huge push. It worked for Cena as did for Lesnar. Like my post if you agree. Here is a Ryback interview of him talking about the goldberg chants. http:emoji_confused:/ :dawg:
  12. I agree that in their big PPV match, he should not only kick out of the WMD cleanly but also lift Big Show up and hit him with his finisher, that would make him. I personally like the clothesline, when sold well it looks very good.
  13. Damn I got rickrolled good.
  14. Good thing I didn't notice the link. Thanks for the warning Crayo. What do you think about Show inevitably being forgotten after Ryback kicks out of the WMD and lifts him up, drops him and wins clean?
  15. I'd love it. Show wouldn't do it but that'd be awesome. I'm not sure he could perform his finisher on Show or not, I'd love to see that. But kicking out of the WMD and finishing him off would equal being incredibly over.

    Also, he had the spear Stephan in his Nexus days but his clothesline took over.
  16. I love the clothesline. I want to see Ziggler selling it. :gusta:
  17. You can already imagine how selling it. Probably doing a flip or something. :tough:
  18. I'm pretty sure he'd do a few flips.
  19. Heck Ryback showed some feud material just on his physical body this week. The black eye. He's built up as being unhurtable. Have a heel come out and cut a promo taking credit for hurting the unhurtable Ryback. Ryback comes out to confront him. Feud going from there.
  20. So many options, too bad WWE sticks to making him squash jobbers.