How WWE builds your tag-team contenders.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 15, 2012.

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    Ziggles and Swagger lost on Superstars this week to The Uso's.

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  2. Yep. This probably shoulda pissed me off, but just couldn't stop laughing long enough to rage.

  3. Tbh The Uso's are an epic tag-team in my opinion, but it's still a completely retarded move.
  4. Yeah, but then again who watches Superstars anyway? It would be worst if it was RAW.
  5. Completely agree, Crayo. An Uso push is overdue at this point. They are indeed really good, easily a top-3 WWE tag team if they weren't completely forgotten. Usually it would fine, but on a go-home week for a PPV with no build it's just funny.
  6. Casuals bro, casuals!
  7. Well its a win over two big names and makes the usos seem like a big deal.They are wwe only real legit team and i believe they should get the straps sometime this year.Its a strange booking decision as Swagger and Ziggler have a tag title shot at otl and i thought they had no chance at winning but wwe have made it more obvious.
  8. What has Ziggler done to deserve this shit :upset:
  9. Ziggler has gone from facing punk at the rumble for the biggest title in the company to jobbing on the c show.I think ziggler sells his opponents moves too well and he is therefore perceived as good choice to put others over.
  10. Agreed. Just because he sells Brodus' headbutt beautifully doesn't mean he has to keep getting it!
  11. WWE UnCreative may actually think Ziggler's best used as a jobber, since he's so good at selling.
  12. #wwelogic
  13. Just saw the match (great match, definitely should see), and afterwards the commentators seemed awfully quick to blame Vickie. There was a whole lot of heat between Jack and Dolph (Great build!), but maybe this is a way to finally separate these two from Vickie.

    Well, it was set up on Superstars, so maybe not.
  14. Damn... I love the Uso's but this is not right. They could have faced Primo and Epico instead. That would've been much better in this situation.