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  1. Story is, I'm a huge wrestling fan and nobody else I know is. Glad I found/was tweeted this board. Look forward to posting. Cheers.
  2. Hey Icon :D hope you enjoy the forum!

    so who is your favourite wrestler :p :otunga:
  3. Jericho, for sure. Growing up, The Undertaker.
  4. :smug: jericho is awesome. hope he returns when he's done touring
  5. Absolutely. I'm sure he will.
  6. Welcome new member
  7. Hello, and welcome to the forum brother. I hope you remain active, and if you ever need help with anything don't hesitate to PM me or anyone else. Welcome. :otunga:
  8. Welcome mate, hope you stay here for a while!
  9. Welcome to WF! Jericho is awesome, don't forget to update your profile! Hope to see you posting around the forum!
  10. Welcome to the forums buddy, I'm sure you'll have a great time around here.
  11. Thanks a ton, guys!
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  12. It's okay, If you're a fan of Raw, pop by and discuss it in our "Raw discussion" thread. :otunga:
  13. yeah we have a live discussion thread for every raw. you should join in if you want:
  14. Hey Icon! Welcome to WWEForums.

    Hope you enjoy your stay and if you need any help just PM me :)
  15. Welcome to the site man, I really like your avatar. Nice username too. Hope you stick around.
  16. Welcome aboard, Icon. Hope you enjoy it around here.

  17. Welcome Icon, glad to have you onboard.