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  1. Name: Muur.
    Age: 20.
    Favourite Superstar & Why: The Undertaker. Love watching him fight.
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: Since 2007.
    Favourite Wrestling Company: WWE.
    How did you find the site? Nero said to join.
    Will I be active here: I'll be infrequent I guess.

    Anyway I'm English and into Football (Bolton Wanderers Fan), Video Games and Anime.

    Anime: Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh, Shamon King, B Daman, K-On!, Infinite Stratos, GJ Club, Date a Live, Kill la Kill, Mirai Nikki, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Death Note, Little Busters, Sakura Trick, Lucky Star (

    Other Shows: Match of the Day, The Football League Show, WWE Raw/Smackdown/NXT, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, Victorious, Sky Sports News

    Video Games: Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh, Fifa, Football Manager, WWE, GTA, Clash of Heroes, Fable, Skyrim, Final Fantasy 13/13-2
  2. Had to google Victorious, but it's got Ariana Grande in it so it can't be that bad. Welcome.
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  3. Lmao that's the only reason I watch it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Welcome to the forum. One question:

    How do you feel about people calling English Football - Soccer, and calling the American sport - Football?
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  5. I find it annoying and dsiagree with it. We invented the sport first so we get to use the name football.
    Also, American Football has a proper name, Girdiron
  6. Yeah, I know Gridiron. Thanks. :pity:
  7. You watch the new Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon? :urm:
    Victorious was a pretty dope show. Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  8. Welcome to the forum my friend, I note you take my advice well :>
  9. Zexal and XY, yes. I watched them dubbed though.
  10. Welcome to the forum, I'm also a fan of Anime.

    Hope you enjoy your stay :emoji_grin:
  11. Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay. :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Oh and he's mine (no homo, you get the phrase).
  13. Hello there, welcome to WWEF.
  14. Welcome to WWEF
  15. Thanks for all the welcomes.
  16. Sup bro welcome
  17. Welcome, great to see you're a footie fan! :emoji_slight_smile:
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