How's Your EWR/TEW game going?

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  1. If you have any EWR/TEW games that your currently doing, then why don't you share some details about it with some of us?
  2. Oh I love these threads. Released a bunch of useless guys in TNA and signed a bunch of youth, rebuilt the X-Division and made it a major title which main events a lot of Pay Per Views with Styles as the X Champ, Aries WHC, E.G.O Tag Champs, TV Champ Magnus.
  3. Anyway, Been doing a Private PWG Game.... [​IMG] Gone into 2014 nice and strong...This was on EWR and on another computer...

    PWG Champion: Prince Devitt - Last Champion was Chris Hero. Brandon Gatson (I think it was) Has been impressing and I'm going to put him in a two month feud for the moment.

    PWG Internation TV (Bought From CWFH after Buyout) - Vacant, Corey Graves was going to continue his feud with Colt Cabana but....Graves was signed by ROH [​IMG] Time for Hero vs Cabana then!

    PWG Tag Team - Inner City Machine Guns - Won the Vacant belts against UnBreakable F'N Machines......Nick Jackson went into to Rehab for Drugs and I vacated the Titles. Young Bucks are Back and want their titles back!

    PWG Rising Star - Kenny Omega - I created the title to fill the void of a mid card title before the CWFH Buyout.....Omega and Neville have been Feuding for it and Now it's time for Neville's Stable mate, Mark Andrews, to face him.

    Kings Of Wrestling: The Young Bucks, Chris Hero, Adam Pearce (Soon To be Kicked out) and Formally Corey Graves.
    British Revolution: Adrian Neville, Zack Sabre Jr, CJ Banks and Mark Andrews

    TV Shows: PWG Guerrilla Warfare - Tuesdays

    I've made use of what I have....Two 5 Star Matches with Hero and Devitt.....
  4. British Revolution is thee GOAT crew. You a fan on Brit wrestling?
  5. A Few Guys I'm keen on.....I've only watched a few of Sabre's NOAH work....Andrews and Banks had good stats so I signed them.....I've been trying to convince my father to take me to go see PCW for a while....It's far from Wales but I guess I could make the trip.....
    Maybe I should check out Noam Dar, Dean Allmark or Iestyn Rees.
  6. Noam is doing great for himself, I have the same trainer he did. I would recommend Noam, Mastiff, Travis, Sabre etc. Look up Noam Dar and watch his matches Vs Davey Richards and AJ Styles, PCW is great, if you can make the trip.
  7. Looks like I'll have to see then.....I'll be trying to get money to go to PCW's December show next year.....I heard they're usually good...

    Also, I'm making some changes in my TNA Games.....Some Intresting Changes.
  8. Future Number One Stable....
    The Shark Gang:
    Lead By Shark Boy
    Members include Shark Train (Freight Train) and Shark Bradley (Jay Bradley).....
    Should I Add AJ Shark or Samoa Shark?
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