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    That's right! Now IWT information and updates on latest shows, Pay-Per-Views, and house shows are now available on IWT's new website! Get updates from your favorite wrestlers, such as Victoria Parker! Aids Johnson! Jwab Atom! Eric Draven! And even Joel Rain!! Now with, you're only one click away!
    The original post here, will be used at the main page for the website!​
    Link to IWT Stats and character information:
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    Special Promos
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    Championship matches
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    Danielson vs Baraa For the European Championship(Feb 17, 2013):

    Nanorah vs Gohan vs Dat Kid for the United States Championship(Apr 2, 2013):

    Lady Deathbane vs Failface vs Nanorah vs Baraa for the Cruiserweight championship(Apr 1, 2013):

    Team Dat Ass vs Team Canada for the IWT Tag Team Championships(Apr 3, 2013):

    Baraa vs Failface vs HBK for the European championship(Apr 4, 2013):

    CrayJ Lee vs Lady Deathbane for the Diva's Championship(Apr 5, 2013):

    Aids vs Senhor Perfect for the IWT Championship(Apr 8, 2013):

    Senhor Perfect vs HBK for the DX Championship(Apr 3, 2013):

    Pinkman vs Dat Farooq vs Stopspot for the World Heavyweight Championship(Apr 9, 2013):

    Nanorah vs Mr Sackfist for the Cruiserweight Championship(Apr 14, 2013):

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    Upcoming matches:​
    Alkaline vs Farooq in a singles match! Date for match: July 20, 2013!​

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    IWT Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View results:

    Money in the bank: Senhor Perfect, Adam Hawk, Jacob Colton, Joel Rain, Baraa, Aids Johnson and WoodWarrior have joined the match! Match is still continuing...

    X Division championship:

    Farooq def. FailFace via 6 votes-3 votes Farooq still champion!

    Post Match: Adam Hawk assaulted Failface with his briefcase.

    IWT Tag Team Championship:

    Creators of Chaos(Jacob Colton and Adam Hawk) vs Victoria Parker and the WoodWarrior ended in a draw! 3 votes -3 votes Creators of Chaos are still the IWT champions!

    Post Match: Jonathan comes out with proof that Adam Hawk and Jacob Colton were cheating in the match up. The Creators of Chaos were stripped of the Tag Team championships, and Victoria and WoodWarrior were named the winners! The Creators of Chaos are now banned from IWT for an entire month!

    Senhor def Alkaline for the Intercontinental championship and Television Championship, unification via 10-2 votes!

    Alkaline called for a press conference about the match up, which can be seen here:

    IWT Championship:

    Victoria Parker def Gohan due to DQ! Gohan is now suspended for an entire month due to asking for votes!
  3. Brilliant idea, meant to reply on Skype earlier :lol1:
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  4. Great idea, but site isn't working for me
  5. This is an awesome idea, but is the site ready? It redirects me to same random page.
  6. It's a joke about the site guys... this thread is '' lol
  7. Well........shit.
  8. Oh, that one flew right over me.
  10. Website has updated the events of July 12, 2013 on the Money in the bank results page!
  11. Website has been updated for the entire day of July 13, 2013.
  12. Updated with upcoming match and finished Money in the Bank results!
  13. Very innovative way to keep everything organized. Good job bro.
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