Huge match for this week's SmackDown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Way too soon. Hope it's interrupted or something.
  2. They'll probably go ahead and do this, everything else surrounding 'Mania besides Bork/Hunter has been a shambles.
  3. Punk/Taker?
  4. Was going to post this in the Discussion Thread yesterday, but the site went down. :annoyed:

    1) Henry attacks during entrance
    2) No Contest
    3) The Shield/DQ
    4) No no no no! It's, "MAARQ HENNNRY!"
  5. Promos from Punk have been great, but his booking has been awful. Kane going over him :facepalm1:
  6. Was good booking imo. Went over him BECAUSE of the infamous distraction from Taker, which adds to the feud. Doesn't harm Punk at all and Kane gets his Bearer revenge which makes everyone happy.
  7. I would have had Taker distract him but Punk to win despite that, make it seem as if Taker's mind games aren't working - making it seem as if Punk has a chance. Punk could easily recover from the Rock losses but losing twice in three weeks is hardly great heading into a streak match.
  8. Went over because his father fucking died. That made perfect sense to me. Anger > all.

    And on topic, Henry will kick the shit outta Ryback.
  9. I thought despite the loss punk went out smelling like roses. He got the best of the Taker/Kane/Bearer story last night.
  10. Awesome. Hopefully Henry like, whoops his ass or something.
  11. Ryback should win. He's been on a losing streak in important for far too long now.
  12. No finish and final rematch at WM obviously.