Huge WWE 6/18 RAW Ratings

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. :damn:

    Wow, such a huge ratings for a show like that. It was mostly because Johnny was "fired" and Foley, Piper & Heyman.
  2. Johnny Ace draws case closed.
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  3. Johnny getting fired, no NBA finals = improved rating. Two weeks in a row now. Fuckkkk sakkeee.
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  4. Next RAW will be seeing a big drop in people who don't get into days of our lives.
  5. Ratings are never going to reflect the quality of the show. It reflects more the quality of the build up to this show from the last week and the PPV. Next week's ratings will reflect that this show was absolutely unwatchable (but I watched it anyway. Where is my loyalty award)
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  6. DEM SOME HUGE RATINGS O.O .. i dont expect them to stay this high.
  7. WWE using their cheap tactics (Firing storylines, legends) to get high ratings on one or two weeks. Well, there's no use, really. They'll get a 3.4 this week, fine, but they won't be getting constant 3.4s for long if they keep this quality up.
  8. This obviously means that John Cena vs a non-wrestler as the main event draws. Book it for next week, and infact, throw Big Show in the mix as well just to make it even more fun.
  9. Cena vs Charles Robinson for next week with Show as the ref. At least 5.0 ratings. :obama:
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  10. Leo C's gotten a lot angrier since joining this forum. WWE has finally driven him to the brink of insanity... welcome to the club bro
  11. I blame Dolph's and his optimism.
  12. Leo C it wouldn't surprise me :lol1:
  13. One can only take Cena vs non wrestlers for so long before he gets mad at the promotion. :dawg:
  14. I like the creativity. :obama: