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  1. *As Ami Ennemi disappears out of sight, Alias Antonio slowly crawls over to the corner of the ring. He takes his wrist bands off, and runs his hand through his hair, staring into oblivion as the crowd chant: "You fucking suck! You fucking suck! You fucking suck!." He sighs a couple of times and shakes his head in complete chargrin. After moments of silence, Alias finally gets up and indolently grabs a mic, still holding his neck after the brutal match. Alias sighs once again, pointing at the entrance ramp, before speaking.*

    What can I say? I just got destroyed by a rookie. Was it my complacency? Was it pure luck? What was it? What is the question? What the hell is the answer? Tell me. Fucking TELL ME!

    *Alias takes a deep breath and shakes his fists angrily.*

    The point is there is no excuse. But then again, maybe there is? Who knows? Who am I to judge that? Who? Am I someone? I don't even know? What's the answer? Why am I supposed to know?

    *Alias takes a deep breath once again.*

    I don't fucking know what I'm doing, am I? Or maybe I am? Maybe I'm in full control of my actions, no? What if I'm not though? Maybe there is an excuse then, right? Maybe I won? Maybe this whole concept of winning and losing is a complete falsification? Maybe IWT is just a fictional make believe land where there truly is no rhyme or rhythm?

    *Alias slaps himself.*

    Am I going VP on you ****s right now? Am I? Can you guys hear me?

    Trip, are you there? Jonathan? Trip In The Head, are you there? Come out son, come out. We have shit to discuss, come out come out.

    Hahahahahaha, come out and apologize to me you son of a bitch. Get down on your fucking knees and say you're sorry to me you goddamn fool!

    *Alias awaits @Trip in the Head*
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  2. OOC:Sorry for the wait

    *Trip in the Head appears on the titantron suddenly*

    Whats the matter Alias - can't seem to get back on the wagon after losing your title to Joey Bryant? And now it seems you would like to blame me.

    *Trip chuckles and shakes his head*

    You know who you should be blaming? I bet you think I'm about to say you should blame yourself, but no. No, that's not where I am headed with this.

    *Trip turns from the camera for a moment before turning back with apparent frustration*

    You should be blaming that no good, piece of trash, no talent runaway GM by the name of @Dat Kid ! He couldn't even hold up his end of the deal and let that fat slob Jonothan keep him from doing the one thing I tasked him with. He obviously didn't want to put up with the punishment he knew I had in store for him for failing so he decided to run away like the mutt he is with his tail between his legs. And he actually managed to get some other bitches to follow him out of here. Which has allowed people like @Aids Johnson to run their mouth about how IWT is dying out. Well I got news for all of you out there. *dramatic pause* IWT isn't going ANYWHERE! We will stay and fight to the last man - even if that last man is me! So since you wanted an apology Alias - here goes. I'm sorry you're such a whiney a little bitch. I'm sorry you couldn't get the job done. I'M SORRY YOU WERE EVER ALLOWED INTO IWT. Put that in a Hallmark card you son of a bitch.

    *Trip waits for Alias' response*
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  3. *Alias laughs at Trip's BURN, nodding his head in the meantime.*

    I must admit, professionality here in the IWT is more overt than ever right now. I hope you noticed the sarcastic tone in my voice there. Anyway, it seems, certain people have....bamboozled you lot, for the lack of a better term. It seems like you've really reached your breaking point and now it is time to snap. Bring back the old, demoralized, vicious butcher, Trip In The Head....not this corporate sell out, essentially Jonathan's lap dog. From leader of The Order to this? Look how pathetic. At least Kid made the decent jump from being your bitch to actually controlling a company better than you ever will so you can call him a no talent runaway GM all you want but at least he's not a bitch anymore. I can't really say the same for you though, can I now? You may have been bragging about having Kid as your slave but you couldn't brag without asking for Jono's consent. You couldn't make matches without asking for Jono's consent. I bet you even asked for Jono's consent to turn on this measly titantron since he most likely wouldn't allow you to come out here and meet me face to face.

    IWT is in dire need of something new and Aids Johnson being back for the 669th time really shows the bad state this company finds itself in now. I could walk out the door right now and never return again, but what sense would that make? I've done so much yet so little in this company I almost feel the need to remain put here, albeit as an FSW guy.

    But since it seems you love running your mouth from that shitty little office of yours, I'm giving you a choice Trip. I either come and find you and destroy you. Or you come out here and we can discuss things in a completely civilized manner without the need to use my fists.

    Make your mind.
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  4. *Trip scowls at Alias through the camera*

    Big talk from a big loser. Fine. You just wait right there.

    *Trip disappears to the side of the shot and some time passes. The crowd is getting anxious. And then out comes Trip in the Head in wrestling gear, not a suit like usual. He stops at the top of the ramp and has a mic in his hand that he raises to his mouth*

    Hey look, I managed to get around Jonothan's fat ass and make it out here. In my wrestling gear no less. Huh, go figure.

    *Trip paces for a moment at the top of the ramp*

    You want the old butcher back do you? Well too bad. His days are gone. He was weak. A midcard freak show to sell tickets through shock value. The me you see now has evolved. I moved past the butcher and the wolf in the night. I AM Trip in the Head and thats all you need know.

    *Trip pauses for a second, visibly contemplating something*

    Well, there probably is something else you should know. I have been, what did you say - bamboozled - by some of these half-wits in IWT that can't seem to follow a simple schedule. And it made me take a step back from the business for a bit. Time to collect myself you see. Collect myself and a couple other guys who are back to help me shake things up.

    *Trip chuckles at Alias*

    You didn't think I, the IWT GM, would come out here without back up did you?

    *Trip shrugs as the music hits*

    OOC: You guys know who you are - let em get their promos up
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  5. Aids Johnson walks out to a huge pop, laughing drunk stumbling to the top of the ramp, mic in hand.

    Cute story Alias, I can remember a time when you were a formidable opponent, but I saw your last match, and I believe my ring finger disagrees now. It looks like your better days are behind you, and this company needs the 11teenth return of the glorious one to set things in the right direction, and @Delik has the ass i'm looking to tap today. FSW is clearly winning the war, and we have brought a change for the better of this company, with Trip, myself, and the greatest man to ever hold the championship.

    Not you Joey Bryant, i'm talking about the one, the only....the legendary Seab himself. You see Jono isnt sure if he has an oversized clit or just an undersized dick, but we will see as soon as he has the balls to face me, because with Trip on my side along with the legendary Seab himself, no one can face me.

    So bring out Stopspot, bring back Incognito, because the hall of fame ring doesnt shine as nicely as my belt once did, and @DK James I wont be handing it to you on a silver platter this time. It's time for the soon to be 4 times 4 TIME 4 TIME champion to take back his crown. The dark horse is back and ready for another run for the companies money, and when I win the belt will be hostage until Jonathan faces the greatest man to ever hold a championshjip here.

    Face it IWT, you need us.
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  6. *A short period of static is heard filling the arena before Eric Draven's voice is heard from backstage*

    ED : Ladies gentlemen in attendance and all the people watching around the world for the second time tonight......I'M BACK!

    *The smarks in the crowd begin to cheer before being drowned out by the marks, Lockard is heard muttering to himself that he predicted Draven would return at some point in the future*

    ED: And look what we have here. The Greatest Who Ever Did it, the man with the golden tongue and a whiskey bottle where he sits Mr Aids Johnson. The General Manager and creative genius Triple "Access" in the head.

    *Draven raises his fingers and mimes the shape of inverted commas with the " "*

    ED: And me, the man who man who was nominated for a hall of fame spot without ever showing up.

    *Draven smiles towards the camera which has followed him backstage, his eyes glistening. The commentary team discuss how he looks almost possessed.

    ED: Oh sorry didn't you hear me? I am Eric Draven and I'm the man aligned with the man who runs this company aligned with the man who holds the biggest accolade available on this planet, the IWT HOF ring.

    *Draven now walks out from behind the curtain, the camera pans up the isle. Draven motions for it to come back before grabbing hold of the sides and staring directly into the lens.*

    ED: Jonoboy you know what we want now will you play fair? Or will Aidsy have to pay you a little visit? Don't worry he'll supply the help you just shall we say accommodate him.

    *Draven smiles as the camera cuts back into the ring*
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  7. *Alias suddenly shakes his head confusedly.*

    Hold up, hold up. What the fuck is going on now? I asked the GM to come out here, but the next thing I know is two has beens showing up and diverting the subject into something completely irrelevant. I mean, Aids, you can say my best days are behind me all you want, but the fact of the matter is, I could still stomp your ass to the ground right now, even on my WORST day, so do yourself, and your two buddies to shut the fuck up.

    Erik Draven, I believe we haven't had a chance to formally introduce ourselves to one another. I've heard many things about you sir, some good, some bad, but no matter what you still stand as one of IWT's greats, one of IWT's pioneers. But that doesn't just give you the prerogative to come back right now after months of absence and talk all of this nonsense, does it buddy?

    Either way, I'm not in a very good mood, so Trip, explain to me what this shitstorm is? And I swear if FTJ or Incognito or Senhor or any more of those time-worn bastards make their way out here, I won't think twice about attacking you.
  8. *Trip looks at his new found compatriots and motions for them to follow him down the ramp. When they get to ringside Trip motions for Draven and Aids to wait. He jumps up on the apron and points at Alias over the top rope, talking smack before he gets in the ring*

    Explain to you what? Can you not see? This is the return to action for the most dominant superstars in IWT history.

    *Trip grins*

    Including yours truly.

    But to prove to you that I am every bit the man I say I am - *Trip holds out his arms to his sides* - here I am Alias. So what is it you really want?

    *Trip motions over his shoulder*

    Just don't forget I came prepared if you're feeling lucky.......punk.
  9. *Alias contemplates the three men slowly approaching him.*

    You really want to know what I want? You asked for it. I'm feeling pretty lucky.

    *Alias takes a look at his fists and suddenly hits Trip with a left hook as Aids and Erik quickly come to his aid, taking Alias down and stomping him down.*
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  10. The lights fade to purple as the clock ticks, distracting the men in the ring from Alias as smoke billows from the stage. However, no one walks through the smoke, but as it dissipates Dat Kid is revealed standing on the stage with steel chair in hand. Kid is staring daggers at Trip. He slams the chair on the stage and darts off to the ring. He slides in swinging the chair like a madman. The three exit the ring quick to regroup. Kid completely ignores Alias on the ground.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. *Trip in the Head is seen outside the ring flipping right the fuck out. He hops up on the edge of the apron but Dat Kid comes swinging again with the chair. The chair hits the top rope as Trip just manages to avoid it by jumping down. He gets another mic from the ringside crew*

    What in the actual fuck!? What is the meaning of this!? Somebody get security out here to deal with this lowlife trespasser! And hurry it up!

    *Trip, Aids and Draven each take up one side of the ring as security starts to pour out from the behind the curtain. Trip, who was on the side of the ring at the bottom of the ramp, directs the security to surround the ring before anyone enters it*

    HA! Trapped like the rat you are Kid. Now whatcha gonna do?

    *The 3 superstars and security slowly start to close in on the ring*

    OOC: Have fun with that @Dat Kid :dawg:
  13. Aids looks around, smiling as he notices the 3v2 opposition. He sets down his chair, being handed a microphone as he watches carefully on both sides.

    You see I'm not afraid to bleed a little bit, as long as you both don't mind a shot in the temple via microphone. Alias we can talk dark matches all day, but no one here cares about anything Aids has done that didnt make a ppv, and unless Joey Bryant is walking out right now, there is no one in the IWT who has been dominant against me.

    I'd like to introduce you to my hero and mentor, Mr. Draven, the man who gave me my first chance in the industry. I begged for him to come back like I did with so many other stars, but it took a competition above one man to really bring the champion back. The true greatest champion of all well all know it took quite the bitching from the 3x champ to get my spot in the original lineup, and yet here i remain, the only HoF member still involved.

    And yet here we all. My Protoge, the man who couldn't get a spot vs me in the main event, and on my side the man who set the protoge down and sent him packing, and what could easily be described as the man who set down the Jock of all Jocks Frankly.....and where does that place me?

    Well certainly not against Adam. I cannot wait to sit back and listen to the hate, because as much as Dat Kid love's to promote stars we have both helped, our current IWT Champ is one of my best friends and a man i've always defended. You all know my Chav brother. I don't need a shot at the IWT title, but if no one is willing to take it we can rock paper scissors outside this ring for who faces these chumps and who goes for the #1 contender vs a true champ.
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  14. While Aids is ending his shit fest, the crowd pops and starts to look at a section of the crowd. Chris Kaizer is running down the steps towards the ring with a chair. He is wearing an FSW t-shirt. While he is about to hop over the guard rail, it gives out and Kaizer falls flat on his face. Every one seems confused. Kaizer stands up. He runs up the seps and onto the top rope before juming into the ring. He no sells security of course.
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  15. OOC: So where is all this going? Haha
  16. OOC: you'll see
  17. Ooc: movie night between the two factions?
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  18. Dat Kid smiles, drops the steel chair and it looks like he's about to help Alias up when Alias reaches out, but instead Kid grabs the mic out of his hand and leaves him on the floor.

    Now that Aids is done rambling, allow me to say something relevant to the situation.


    Kid looks with a smirk on his face at Aids knowing it gets under his skin.

    ...provided my mic doesn't get cut off by some asshole who ate his way to irremovable power or some pompous jackass that glorifies the tag team division because that's all he's ever been good at, being someone's sidekick.

    Dat Kid does the Victoria Parker shrug

    Trip, you got all your boys out here and everyone's wondering what's going to happen next. Oh my god, is this it? Are we finally going to see IWT vs ...those three magical letters that shall not be named. Trip and I know you're salivating out the mouth for this, but they keep telling you to hold back, don't let Dat Kid get to you.

    But let's face the facts. I'm in your ring and me just being here made you three run chicken shit out of this ring and call all your security. That was before Kaizer even came out here, so ONE MAN has got you shitting the bed. ONE MAN has once again has made you look like an idiot. So you can hide behind Erik "Part Time" Draven and Aids "Softer Than Baby Shit" Johnson because both those guys couldn't touch me. Hell, they can't even touch that joke of a champion you got running around here.

    So instead of embarrassing you AGAIN. I'm going to give YOU the opportunity to walk away and regroup because as of right now....I AM CHALLENGING IWT TO A 5-ON-5 ELIMINATION TAG AT SURVIVOR SERIES! So you can try to find some of IWT's best, but they're already with me. So at Survivor Series I want IWT vs know who we are. @Trip in the Head I am asking YOU, the head honcho, and I know that might be a little difficult for you to process since there's a little rumor flying around that you've been nudered, but I want you to look inside what little ounce left you have of your manhood and accept my challenge.

    ...because if you don't, we're just going to keep knocking on your door until it falls down.

    Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid tosses the mic right at Trip. Kid lifts Alias up

    Come on, you're embarrassing me.
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  19. *Trip catches the mic and stares back at Kid menacingly*

    So you think we are scared? Of you? Don't make me laugh anymore than I do during your little project's PPVs. Do you guys even have a champion yet or is that belt still vacant? Didn't think I knew that did you? You think you can laugh at our new IWT champ, but at least we have one.

    *Trip ventures over to the time keeper's area and begins to rummage around. All of a sudden he comes up with the FSW Championship belt and holds it high.
    The crowd explodes as Trip in the Head just grins*

    I bet your wondering how I got my hands on this? Well, when you've got the kind of pull in this business that I do you can make just about anything happen. I mean, it's not like I had to actually take it from anybody. But don't worry. I didn't damage it or nothing.

    *Trip walks to the edge of the ring and hops up on the edge, staying outside the ropes. He tosses the FSW championship into the ring at Dat Kid's feet*

    Maybe you could arbitrarily award it to someone before Survivor Series so your team will have some actual confidence that night. But you know - you do you and all.

    *Trip hops down off the ring apron before walking around the ring and continuing, not even looking up at Dat Kid and the others in the ring yet.*

    And as far as Survivor Series is confirmed *Trip stops where he is and turns to Dat Kid, pointing with his index finger* You're on. But I have one stipulation to add. We will each have our own teams to represent our separate companies at Survivor Series *pause for effect* but neither of us will be allowed on the teams. You won't be able to pull your team out of the fire you just placed them in Kid. They will be all by themselves against proven superstars from the IWT. You better choose wisely my little runaway. Now get out of my building.

    *Trip drops the mic and motions for Aids, Draven and the security to back off so Dat Kid and his cronies can make their exit*
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