Storyline Humanity

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  1. Spawn is seen in a small, dimly lit cell. The giant demon stands in the corner, starring face first at the wall.


    Spawn: Too long on this mortal realm. You are sick. This is a disease! I am not wrong! You fucking pigs have poisoned me...

    Spawn then begins to twitch as he eerily turns to face the camera.

    Spawn: I come from the abyss of darkness. I am no man. I do not belong here. I thought I could invade. I thought I could conquer. I am a fool? No. Yes it is true. No...
    I am sick. What happened to me? Who did this? WHY ME?! I know. Ask him. He knows. He told me. We both knew. Alright then...

    Spawn suddenly ripped off his mask and there stands a man covered in burns who shrieks in agony as he sets ablaze and burns to ash in the middle of the ground. Spawn then steps back out of the shadow in the corner of the room.

    Spawn: I don't know what I am any more. It's too dark here. I cannot see. I CANNOT SEE?! I am the watcher! Who blinds me. WHO DIES?!

    Spawn then begins to hock up a black tar liquid.

    Spawn: I am not mortal. What illness has spread to the depths of evil? It's not safe for me here now. No one is safe. This is a plague. It has spread. But it's not too late... Yes it is. No bastard. I cannot be played...

    The demon stands up tall and lets out a muffled roar from behind the mask.

    Spawn: Madness isn't me. Back to hell I go. Greater evil. Darkness. Suffering. I don't feel this, why am I feeling this!? Mortals have infected me. Been here to long. Good god. Kill me. KILL ME!

    Spawn grabs the camera in a fit of rage and throws it against the wall, shattering it and breaking the feed.
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