Storyline Humbled and Defeated

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  1. Perceval's music hits (which is met by boos) strangely, he doesn't do his usual bows on the way to the ring. He calls for a microphone.

    Perceval: *sigh* I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you people.

    *Oddly, Perceval doesn't speak with his posh accent, with a more northern one, a Barnsley accent*

    Perceval: Time to set the record straight. I lost to Scott Fargo at Survival is because that night I was someone, something I am not. I lied to the fans and myself. I am not from Buckinghamshire, I am from Barnsley, via Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. I am not posh. I am summat (slang for something) more... Majestic.
    There are those who are catching on to what I am implying. For those who haven't caught on, I am Percy Donohue. Formerly known as El Majestico. Indeed, I kept my name and identity a secret at NGW. And yes, I was in NGW.

    *small ENN GEE DUB chant*

    Percy: Also I was talking complete rubbish when I said that British Wrestling is the true way and all that crap. That is the beauty of wrestling, you can do it whichever way you want. I now want to sing that song by Journey.

    *Crowd start singing Anyway you want it, that's the way you need it*

    Ahem. Before I go too off topic I'll go get my point across. The real me is now here. Now as I leave, let my real music play.

    Percy: Thank you.

    OOC:Consider this a face turn
    And I'll update my move set.
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  2. The screen then fades to black and then says

  3. It's been a while since I checked on IWT, if you were gonna do a face turn, you should of just showed your butt hole to a girl in the front row, that's a crowd turn on ;)
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  4. Return, buddy boy
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  5. I am