Storyline Hunting with Dick Tripin

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  1. *The camera comes on slowly and a field with rolling fog is seen. The fog is dense and hard to see through. The morning sun has yet to rise enough to burn it off. From the fog a man's silhouette is seen approaching the camera. Dick Tripin is soon identifiable. He is wearing an orange jacket, an orange hat, blue jeans, and some work boots. He also has a rifle in one hand. Dick continues to walk right up to the camera and looks into the lens*

    Dick: *eyes wide* Well helllooooooooo. *Dick backs off from the camera a little* I thought I would take a moment out of my hunting trip to fill everyone in on my return. Where did I go you might ask? Well, I never REALLY went anywhere, but since that shithead of a GM never wanted to put me in any matches so I could make money it sure seemed like I vanished, didn't it? Well I'm here to tell all my fans that I'm baaaa-aaaaaaack and ready to show the IWT universe what I can do. First and foremost, since I have managed to get some control over my problems - keyword some - I've decided you all should get used to calling me Dick Tripin. It's still reminiscent of the old me, but with obvious changes, which holds true to my situation.

    *Dick throws his rifle over his shoulder and begins pacing in the field*

    Dick: Now, since I was never getting any matches or making any money, I couldn't afford to keep the family butcher shop open. My grand daddy is probably turning in his grave right now hearing me say that. *Dick stops walking for a second* Buuuuuut, with all the free time on my hands I was able to take care of me.....and....this...*Dicks eyes start darting back and forth. He is obviously resisting an urge. His face stretches to a wide grin*.....need....I have to turn...*Dick says the next word with disgust*...people....into meat. *Dick shakes it off and seems to get things back under control* With a little help from some friends in DX I was able to channel and harness this rage, this need, for destruction. And now I will be able to focus it much better on the IWT and the challenges I face. If, in fact, you could call them that. Now, with our match coming up for Survivor Series, I will FINALLY get to exact an amount of revenge on Jonathan's meager excuse for a team. *Dick stops pacing and turns to the camera* But do not think my wrath will stop there Mr. GM. I WILL be coming for you and yours. *Dick turns and begins pacing again* You remember what CM Punk did to Heyman recently? Child's play. But, that is for another time. I have other things I need to tend to first.

    *All of sudden a rustling is heard off camera. Dick puts his finger up to his lip for the universal sign of :stfu:. He points to the left and a family of deer is seen grazing in the distance*

    Dick: (whispering to the camera) Now I can show you how I plan to deal with these so-called IWT Elite volunteers. *Dick lifts his rifle to his shoulder and looks through the scope. Suddenly he begins shaking and cannot seem to control it. He throws the rifle down and walks over to his truck off camera. He comes back into the frame with a long black case of some sort. He puts it on the ground and opens it up...and pulls RPG? He lifts it onto his shoulder, takes a knee, and lets the rocket fly. The deer are engulfed in a giant explosion. Deer meat, antlers, hooves and other deer parts go flying in every direction. Dick calmly kneels and puts the RPG launcher back into it's case and adresses the camera once more*

    Dick: SEE! Thats how easy it is. And Survivor Series will be NO different. Body parts are going to be flying all over that ring. *Pieces of deer begin to fall from the sky around Dick. He stands up and holds up his right hand so the palm is facing the sky* And maybe I wasn't telling the WHOLE truth about taming that need....*A piece of deer meat lands perfectly in has hand and Dick's facial expression changes drastically as he smiles menacingly*......FOR MEAT!! *Dick takes a bite out of the raw meat and whips it at the camera. Now all that can be seen is the deer meat hanging in front of the lens and the blood from the fresh meat running down.*
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  2. OOC: Great stuff dude, seriously. Comedy here is sometimes hard, you made it look easy.
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  3. OOC: Thanks. I really did not plan on blowing up some deer when I started it. It just kind of came to me as I was typing it up.
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  4. I was reading it and I was like "hmm, good.. good... good.. blowing up dear?!? :dafuq: :lol1: :dawg: :terry: especially with RPGs :haha:
  5. Yeah, as I was typing I started to realize this is kind of like a cartoon universe here. I can do (type) just about anything, where as in real life I think blowing up some deer with an RPG would be frowned upon. Even for a wrestling promo.
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  6. Nick walks by, a rifle on his shoulder.

    "Hey hey hey... calm down man..."

    He tries bein peaceful and persuasive to no avail. He punches Dick right in the stomach, making him spit it out.

    "We've been over this... stop it. I new you to be focused and on your A game at all times... don't lose your focus. You said you'd channel your rage for destruction... we need you to destroy people... not animals. We got you a new name, a new purpose, so make the most of it. You're making is look bad man!Now quit it with the meat shit, alright?"

    Nick shakes his head in disapproval looking toward the fog.

    "And watch it with the fucking RPGs... you tryna kill animals or destroy the fucking forest?"
  7. OOC: lmfao can't believe you rocketed a deer
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  8. OOC: This new age outlaws tag team you guys have are genius keep it up bros