Storyline I accept.

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  1. Aiden Ryan is leaning against a backstage crate and the camera zooms closer, his right arm hanging down, his left hand rubbing his neck as he looks directly into the camera.

    "Dethrone you? Oh Princess you're not even royalty compared to me, Ha i would welcome you back but i'm too busy trying to figure out how you made it out of Japan in one piece, I guess it's true what they say, Huh? Looks and Money can get you some bit of success in life. So tell me, Rita. Did they bow before you? Did they allow you to put them in little submission holds and throw streamers when you retained there? You see, i don't give a damn if you went over to japan, the competition may be tough there, but they're not in IWT. They're not here, and they certainly do not have unfinished issues with you. like i do. Don't get me wrong, if i were a prima donna with billions of dollars i would run off and get all the attention too, but i'm not. I've been waiting to get my revenge and throw you off your ego stool for quite sometime now, so as for your challenge goes, Bring your belt, Bring your ego, Bring the best you can offer, because i'm not going to allow myself to be humiliated by some rich bitch. I accept!"

    The Audience cheers loudly as the camera fades away.