I also love El Generico

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Arrow, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. My second favorite Indy wrestler. This dude is insane with high flying lucha libre moves. Not just a high flyer, but very good as a technical wrestler as well. I woucl put him in a class at about the level of Aj Styles. He'll be there in a couple years, no doubt about that. Here's one of my favorite Tag matches with El Generico and Colt Cabana..

    Aj Styles vs El Generico vs Crazy Crusher (Key moves)

    El Generico with Sin Cara would surely bring back the WWE tag team if WWE would sign Generico.
  2. Great avatar, props.

    El Generico is the best babyface in pro wrestling today, he's also one of the best wrestlers and performers. He's tailor-made for WWE's TV wrestling actually.
  3. Wonder if he'd be a good Rey replacement, or someone to feud with Sin Cara.
  4. He would. He's goofy, a Canadian luchador who can't speak Spanish, is bad in English, has a football theme song, lovable antics, superb charisma, etc. Plus, he's a great underdog.
  5. Crayo, why would you want him to feud with Cara? They could easily bring back the tag team division together.
  6. Matches would be of insane quality tbh.
  7. Justin Gabriel vs Hunico could have potential, @[seabs]

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