Storyline I Am Coming

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  1. *Darkness fills the arena*

    Voice Announcer: The following has been paid for by an unknown source.

    *This man appears on the tron and talks in a deep voice*

    ???: Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome. For the next few minutes you have entered my world, my playground, my fantasy land.

    I am in control and you are all my minions, Your stalking, Your constant cameras, You can watch but you will never know the real story.

    You have stepped into my world

    *The man steps to the side of the camera to show a clear hallway with computers and other tech, the man goes back to the middle of the camera*

    I can control the entire world and the entire IWT from this one command points and haunt you for the rest of your life, You all caused this and I am the judge, jury and executioner.

    *A picture of two men tied up in a basement flashes on and off the screen*

    I warned men, they kept coming back for more and they are paying their price.

    *The man shoots the camera ending the video*​
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  2. I'm cumming
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  3. TRIP: *watching from his dressing room* Man this guy must be costing the IWT alot in cameras.
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  4. If you didn't use capital letters after commas this is your best promo yet.
  5. Force of habit and thanks! Really appreciate that :D
  6. Obama: Wait, this dude thinks he runs this place, doesn't he know what happened to Osama?
  7. Get out your habit. It's super annoying.
  8. Oh,Come on. Can't be that be, Can it?
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  9. :lol1:
  10. Dat Kid watches backstage.

    "Running the world? It's BEYONCE!" :shock:
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  12. I liked it, but have no idea how it ties into the other promo's from last week. Looking forward to more.
  13. There is a hint from them near the end.
  14. *Bryant watching from his locker room.*
    *He stops himself from saying anything and shakes his head and turns off the TV.*
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