Storyline I Am Ending This Now

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  1. *The crowd stand silent during Unknown's entrance*

    Months, months, months. A months is 30 days, its a long time, multiplying that is even longer. For a long time I have had these little annoyances in my ear, they just nibble away and until now I have not noticed and not cared and seen them as failed prototypes until last night, thats when it got serious. Last night they cost me my shot at the main event of Wrestlemania, MY ONE SHOT. It was the straw that broke the camels back and I am no longer going to sit back, I will decimate you both. I dont even need to say your names, the minions know who you are and you know who you are so dont make wme waste my breath in saying your disgusting names.

    Now I have not come out here to further my issues with you prototypes, I am here to end it. B Dazzle I have already shown you the power, I dont even need to speak about you at this point. but Anonymous, you. You just dont learn, you try and intimidate me but its not working buff. You can try and appear from the crowd and get a cheap pop. You can try all that shit but it doesn't matter to me. It doesn't scare me. I find it pathetic. I pity you.

    Hold on a minute. Thats exactly what you are PATHETIC. A pathetic man who seems to be a bit of a cross dresser with that long hair, that long hair will burn in a fiery pit just with your career tonight. Anonymous I am inviting you out here and what I want you to do, is come out here, you will shake my hand and bow to me, you will apologise, you will take your punishment and leave this company forever. Punishment you say? Let me show you.

    *Unknown rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair wrapped with barbed wire and climbs into the ring*

    This. THIS. THIS IS YOUR PUNISHMENT. I will hit you over the back 3 times and watch the spikes impale your skin and the blood rushing down your back, you will cry and plead and YOU WILL LIKE IT. If not...... well, lets just hope that doesn't happen.

  2. Kaizer: This is gonna turn into a very kinky porn isn't it?
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  3. *Jwab watches from backstage. He is eating Doritos while sipping on Mountain Dew. He gets done with the Mountain Dew and just chucks it at the wall*
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  4. Post something relevant to the promo
  5. *ANON'S theme hits*

    *Walks down ramp and grabs mic*

    You find me pathetic? ME???? I'm the pathetic one? Are you not the one walking around trying to put on the Anon mask? It looks an awful lot to me, that more than anything, you wish you could be me. You will never be me, Unknown. You're a failed, copy cat, shittier version of me.

    Bow down to you, you say? Ha ha ha ha you're absolutely delusional if you think i'd even say excuse me for shitting in your cereal.

    Take my punishment? What are you going to do? Give me Eskimo kisses until I pass out? Listen, I don't want to play grab ass with you. I know how much you wish you could be me, and I don't blame you, but can't you just go back to being the fiery Irish guy? It's like you are 8 different people, I can never keep up with what the hell you're doing. I did, however, take notice when you tried to swagger jack me.
  6. I promise you, no one has ever heard of me in the IWT. I am someone you can never prepare for me, I am not a man that has been seen before. I have never stepped into this ring before December. I could take off my mask here tonight but none of you are worthy of it. Now before you get a whole attitude about it. Puts your hands out and take these blows before I MAKE you take them.
  7. Publishing. Also I would have preferred something written since your promos are usually done on a tron and you are in the ring and I believe thats the same one you posted yesterday which I haven't seen but it wouldn't be relevant right now.
  8. That was posted at 5:30 today dum dum, why don't you start paying attention to other people besides yourself :tough:
  9. If you dont take these blows, ima force it!

    *Unknown strikes Anon and the brawl begins*