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  1. *A camera begins to flicker. Shortly after, the eerie flickering comes to a halt. The camera now begins to zoom on a man's back, said man is sitting down on a rock in an esoteric location filled with wild life, sand, rocks, etc. The man who is the main focus on the camera is sporting a dark, short sleeved leather jacket. Underneath the jacket, he is wearing a white tank top. The inferior part of his body is not visible to the eye. The mysterious man has yet to say a word, just staring blankly at a river, throwing little rocks in an unstable manner. After more seconds of not muttering a word, he turns around and begins to talk in a slow, calculated way*

    The World isa complex, gigantic waste that stands not just for our iniquities but also for the inequality, the unfairness, the pain, the anguish, and the emotional distresses that so frequently besets us. And I stand here, in this ever so serene location, as a victim of The World's contingencies. All my life I have been a victim, but it's not until now that it starts to take a toll on me. You see, I'm a hard worker who comprehends the basic principles and ethics, but when something really ticks me off, I'm not one bit afraid to go out on a limb and bestow to you all, with something what some people around here call a "pipebomb". Some people may catch my drift as to why I'm a pissed motherfucker right now, but for the majority of inane miscreants that constitute the IWT Universe, I will unravel all of the anger and ire I've had brewing inside of my confines for quite some time....hmmm, where shall we start?

    *Alias takes a look at his X-Division belt*

    First of all, this belt does nothing for me. I had in mind to reconstruct this whole division into what I wanted it to be like, but of course, lazy IWT management hasn't even sorted out an opponent for me yet, which makes me realize that David made this division so irrelevant it is not talked about anymore in creative meetings, nice going bastard. I cannot make radical changes to a whole division, if the IWT management cannot make radical changes to the IWT as a whole. Which leads me to my next point.

    These whole Elimination Chamber qualifiers are a bunch of BS, don't you all think? I was eager to participate in one of these matches, but I was told by IWT that because I already had a title, I wasn't eligible to be in a match for the IWT or WHC title, which at first left me with a sour taste in my mouth, but then I coped with it perfectly. What I couldn't cope with perfectly, was the qualifying matches. I saw a few names that shouldn't even belong in the IWT take what should have been MY place in the qualifiers. They put Ben in one, which may I remind IWT that he is ALSO A CHAMPION, and that I HAVE PREVIOUSLY BEATEN THAT COCKSUCKER! Then the Almighty Georgie Boy makes his way into one after MONTHS of ABSENCE, whilst people like ME have never stopped WORKING! Who else? Yeah, Senhor Perfect was inserted into one even though the only appearances he makes here is when the old people's home give him permission to come out of that shithole. Nick, David, Kaizer, I've beaten all of them, but of course, they're still in front of me. Jwab, another one who has been ABSENT for months, loses his first match back, then magically has a chance to be in the Elimination fucking Chamber! I could say more but I wouldn't want this to turn into an anal wreckage of the IWT.

    Do you know how hard I've worked my entire life only to be repaid by being stuck in midcard obscurity? I'm fresh off a victory over the IWT Champion, Aids Johnson......for the second time, and I have beaten everyone and anyone the IWT have decided to put infront of me ever since my debut. I'm not requesting a guaranteed title shot, I am DEMANDING one. And well, if I cannot be guaranteed one, I will throw this X-Division title were it rightfully the fucking dump!

    I am.......I am......better than this.

    *Alias shakes his head in disgust before proceeding to walk away*
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  2. *gav the chav comes out in a suit to see alias*

    ( Gav the chav) hold on there alias look I know you're all pissed off and shit and gav understands how you feel gav sees you as the man to make this division the best division in this company but please be patient me and my man farooq have big plans which your gunna like which we will announce very shortly also gav guarantees you will have an opponent by Monday because tomorrow there is gunna be a number 1 contenders match so keep an eye on it you don't wanna lose that title now do you just when the division is about to become great
  3. OOC: AND I AM, everything you say I am. If I wasn't then would I say I am? :dawg:
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  4. *Alias watches Gav's promo on Youtube*

    Alias: Hmmm....probably Johnny B.Cool.......not cool.
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  5. Alias: I still wanna hear what Jonathan and the new GM have to say about my demands?