I can't quit you babe

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. thanks babe

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  3. My life is now complete.
  4. And things were so peaceful when you were gone... damn
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  5. aka boring
  6. I'm still salty with you sugar tits. Insta-locking my retirement thread was so far out of line I nearly flew to Sweden to murder you.
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  7. :yay: Welcome back!
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  8. That wasn't me.
  9. Welcome back! I actually.... missed you [​IMG]
  10. bullshit
  11. Sarcasm. Somehow without you here the place got even more dramatic, at least when you do stuff we all share a giggle.

    Welcome back bud. :obama: Got a whole bunch of new users to bully.
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  12. About fucking time.
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    Don't leave again :sad:
  13. First thread i went in had like 10 marks in it smh. Oh well
  14. sometimes you just need a break from dis place
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  15. Lemme guess... something about AJ Lee?
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  16. I mean I'm not going to pay you via paypal to....get rid of a problem or anything. Just don't PM me your paypal name, and taking care of the problem won't get you a extra 100 bucks or anything. Nothing. Like. That.
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  17. It eventually deteriorated into that GIMMICK POSTER taking over the thread.

    why do people continue to deal with that dumbass?
  18. Exactly what I said. If you say anything I'll get shit from a certain two people. Although, if you said anything you wouldn't get shit for it, so shoot please :dawg:

  19. There's really nothing to say. Seabs said if before I had even left. It's sad and pathetic. Not that she would make the account, but that people give her so much attention.

    edit: OK, yea, it's also pretty sad and pathetic that she made the account.
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