I Cant Take It Anymore

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  1. *Adam walks out with a hood over his head, He blocks cameras from getting a shot of his face, He climbs in the ring with a mic*​
    Recently I have been having a lot of troubles in my career, The constant flow of losses and pain overcoming every inch of my soul its UNBEARABLE. I cant stand it anymore, Everyone I knew and loved bringing me down making things more and more worse on me, Everyone I knew and loved are just weights on my back in my career, Weights I refuse to carry, I refuse to have to carry someones dead weight, I refuse to be controlled and I refuse to let anyone bring me down. I am seen as the weak link in this company but I am just a little ember waiting to exploded into an unstoppable flame that engulfs this company. Im done. Im done with being dragged away from my title shots and my chances, I will not let anyone make me worse. And that brings me to my next topic. Jacob Colton. SOme Jeff Hardy wanna be who thinks he is at the level of big shots because he can get fluke wins over jobbers, He is nothing but a pathetic excuse of if you even call him it, A man. Im sick and tired of him taking all the credit for my hard work, He was the man who brought me down a few notches in this company and tonight is the starting point in my uprising to where I belong. I will no longer let people take me down here. I dont care about anyone else, All I care about is me.​

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  3. 1) Thought you were going to say you were a homo and you were going to make it public. I mean that title come on..
    2) Don't steal my attire.
  4. OOC: That's basically my character right now...
  5. Yeah unoriginal
  6. I know it was yours, but I wanted to come back to what I was before but changed a little bit...
  7. No, I meant Adam's promo
  8. I see, it was some kind like AJ Style's promo tbh.
  9. No it wasnt shut up.
    Dont even watch him.4

    Closing this, Dont be a fucking dick.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.