I Can't Tell You How Pissed Off I Am. *SPOILER*

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  1. So, the Wyatt Family debuted tonight. It's something the fans have been waiting for for a long time, particularly the fans that watch NXT. It has been one of the most anticipated debuts in recent memories. Guess what happened when they came out. "Husky Harris! Husky Harris! Husky Harris!". Are you fucking kidding me? These "smart marks" are really starting to piss me off. All they do is complain like little bitches over the internet about how "there's never anything new and fresh" and what do they do when they finally get it? They shit allllll over it. If this kills the gimmick, I'm not going to feel sorry for them when they go back to complaining about the lack of anything new. I would loive to punch everyone of the fans that chanted that right in the mouth, I really would.
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  2. Yeah man, at some point the smarks get annoying as hell. Trying to show how much they know about the business. Online is alright but you don't crap on a new gimmick (and btw one of the most entertaining characters in recent time) just so people know you know it's Husky Harris. Complete crap, agreed.
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  3. Yeah, fuck them. Like, really, fuck them.

    Though I think he can overcome it easily, there's nothing worse than obnoxious idiots thinking they're smart heckling like that. At least be creative.

    I mean, who doesn't know that he was originally Husky Harris? My 10 year old brother knows it. Does he care? No, because he finds him awesome. Why try ruin something that can potentially be highly entertaining?

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    (I highly enjoyed the debut still, just a little irritated with this bullshit.)
  4. These kind of people give smarks who are otherwise logical and reasonable people (such as myself) a bad name. It's no wonder so many people interpret smark as meaning arrogant and overbearing mark. I figured the usual smart-mark appreciated Bray Wyatt's gimmick enough not to chant his former name while trying to get his new character over on prime time but I guess not.
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  5. Wow, this actually happened? :facepalm:
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  6. These fans deserve a 5 minute Cena promo after the show because of this. They deserve the pain! Muhahahaha.

    Seriously, this was all sorts of bullshit and a big indicator of how much everything's changed. What if Kane got "Fake Diesel" and "Issac Yankem" chants when he debuted, and the fans never saw him as the Big Red Machine? What if Ziggler got Nicky chants? What if Chavo... well, fuck Chavo.

    Regimmicking has happened alot throughout time, just the fans weren't such smartasses then (and even with Dolph Ziggler). Hopefully the more they see of this character the more that dies away, but still. This crowd sucks for doing this.
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  7. If I were head of creative, I'd lock all the arena doors, calls Cena and tell him to an awkward 10 minute promo. I'd then call up Khali and David Otunga, putting tem in a 15 minute match. Then Khali wins and Tons Of Funk come out and dance with him for another 10 minutes. Then The Shield get buried by Hornswoggle and Santino Marella. That's what they deserve.
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  8. The chanting of Husky Harris is what killed it for me. I was in the mood for the Wyatt Family til that happened. I completely forgot about Husky Harris.....
  9. Woke up this morning, watched RAW, fapped over his debut, and then got infuriated and was going to make this same thread. The fans are fucking retarded. "Oh look, we've been fans long enough to recognise this character change and who he was before, let's chant it so everybody knows how smart we are" - fuck off. The same retarded fans who chant "Goldberg" at Ryback, it ruins segments. If this is a weekly chant then it could hinder one of the best builds for a superstar in years, and one of the best prospects WWE has. The same fans who cry for entertainment and originality with new gimmicks. Fuck them all.
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  10. Wrestling fans are retards, nothing new here. F them.
  11. I for one was impressed with their vast knowledge of this Wyatt fellas career! Had no idea he was part of Nexus at one point in time! Holy shit those fans were so educated! They put the SMART in smart mark! I want to shake each and every one of their hands personally! Best crowd since New Jersey post mania!
  12. I think they really wanted Husky Harris to save them. Think about it, there's these freakish guys,beating a former world champion. Obviously they need someone who hasn't gotten a push, and was never a world champion, and since Husky hasn't been around for a good while, why not call on him to save Kane?
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