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  1. *The scene opens up with the camera zooming in on an already in-ring Alias Antonio. He is wearing a denim leather jacket and some denim ripped shorts, mic in hand. He takes his time mocking the raucuous crowd, leaving the ring at one point and confronting a fan. After the whole ordeal, he walks back into the ring and starts speaking.*

    What you see in the middle of this ring, isn't a battered, fatigued poor excuse of a man, but instead an upright, honorable gentleman who fell prey to Joey Bryant's circumstances. At Uprising, I didn't lose. At Uprising, I didn't get pinned. At Uprising, Joey Bryant lost. At Uprising, Joey Bryant got pinned CLEAN.

    *crowd boos*

    And although Kid's victory may be a questionable one, due to the help of good 'ol fatso, I walked out of that match unscathed.....because I did not lose. I can't speak for Bryant on this one, but I'm pretty sure he, his ego and his dignity walked out of that match scarred and cracked.

    And if it wasn't bad enough, that loss on his side further solidified why the World Heavyweight Champion and Championship, is far more superior and estimable than the IWT Champion and Championship, so at Summerslam I'm going to put Joey Bryant and his title out of it's misery and give it a new, refined, purified lifestyle when it comes home to my waist. That title will no longer be seen as a blemish to one's career. It will be seen as a pearl beyond price, a wondeful masterpiece to hold.

    As for Bryant, I can't guarantee him an enhanced lifestyle, but I can guarantee one thing. At Summerslam, I terminate your run as IWT Champion.

    *Alias drops the mic*

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  2. Alias "The Terminator" Antonio???
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  3. *As soon as he drops his mic, Joey Bryant slowly walks out onto the stage limping to no music at all with a steel chair in hand. The crowd pops loud when they realize he walked out. He has a mic in his other hand and raises it to his mouth.*

    "Hey...asswipe, over here."

    *He catches the attention of Antonio as he stands on the stage.*

    "You're right, brother. You didn't lose that match. I was clearly pinned by Dat Kid but you did cause me to lose, if you don't recall because of that shot I got at your thick, ill-minded skull, let me remind you."

    *He points up at the titantron as the clip from X-Communication plays.*

    *Bryant actually manages to springboard off the rope and hits Kid with his own move. Kid is layed out and Bryant goes for the pin. 1...2..Alias slides in the ring and breaks up the pin. Bryant looks at Alias confused and Alias slaps his own hand, signaling that he wants a tag. Alias steps on to the apron for the tag, but Bryant ignores him and goes for the pin again.1...2...Alias kicks Bryant in the head, breaking up the pin. Bryant gets up and hits Alias right in the jaw. The ref tries to break it up, but gets caught in the crossfire of Alias' incoming left. Kid slithers out of the ring and Joey notices this, but when he turns to get him, Alias turns Jeoy around and hits him with the Psycho Driver. The crowd is on their feet and Alias then heads towards the edge of the ring where Kid is now sitting. Alias grabs Kid by his hair, but is met with a sledgehammer to the face. Dat Kid quickly climbs into the ring to pin Joey Bryant, but the ref is still out. Jonathan comes running down to the ring and slides in. Jono fast counts,123!*

    "You see, "brother"? I had that match won with no thanks to you, but your huge ego had to just step in the way and fuck everything up. You know, at X-Communication, I got a different reaction than I have in all of 2014. Everyone has finally realized again how unfairly I've been treated and what a fraud you've always been. You've turned on just about everyone you've ever met while I have been the victim of those turning on me. But hey, I'm not here to look for your sympathy but I just couldn't resist coming out here after hearing the words "IWT Championship"... you know, my championship. You're only right about one thing Alias, you didn't lose that match, but you lost something much more important. My respect. These people's respect. Everyone in the back's respect. I lost the same amount of respect when I won the IWT Championship but I only lost respect because of the man I was aligned with. You lost it because you've proven to everyone that you're a phony, you only care about yourself, and you're nothing but a slithering, tattooed, repetitive, annoying, disrespectful, sell-out little prick."

    *The crowd cheers and Bryant holds up the chair in the air.*

    "Until Summerslam, this is my IWT Championship. I can't trust anyone in this god damn building anymore, I thought I could after a little rebuilding, but you know after my own "brother" turned on me, and after my IWT Title was stolen right out from under me at the hospital, I need some form of protection so I can even make it to Summerslam without a limp. And unlike Dat Kid, my protection is not Jono or his mind games, it's something that you're very familiar with, ain't that right? Right. It brings a smile to my face every time you say you've been feeling like you've been living in my shadow because of the title I hold, but that's just your brain telling you that you HAVE been living in my shadow, and you always will. And at Summerslam, not only am I going to beat you, I'm going to take your currently non-existent championship and hang it up in my trophy case...right next to your damn skull."

    *The crowd cheers and Joey lowers his mic and smirks down at the ring.*
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  4. *Alias shakes his head furiously but shortly regains his composure and picks up the mic.*

    Joey Bryant! Just tell me who the hell do you think you are!? You have the gall to come out here and etch these false notions into people's minds. You say you would have had that match won if it wasn't for me and my ego, but you fail to realize that it was you and your ego who didn't want to tag me in, and subsequently induce my attack. I respectfully asked to be tagged in, because my in-ring acumen is clearly superior to yours, so naturally I wanted to finish the job in case you came up short, but you refused like the little child that you are. It was YOU and YOUR EGO, who got YOU YOUR LOSS. Simple, Joey. Simple.

    I may be a slithering, tattoed, redundant whatever the fuck you called me, but as it stands, you STILL got pinned, and as it stands, I still hold a victory over your ass. So I may have been living in your shadow for a while, but deep down everybody knew, hell, even you knew that I was the far more superior wrestler and talker on this microphone. All I need to prove that is the IWT Title you claim you'll never let go of. That, come Summerslam, will be something I will NEVER let go of....and I mean it.

    I don't need anyone's respect to be the best in this business. All I need is self-respect, and that's something you are severely in lack of. What you need is also a set of balls. First, you come out with a chair, second, you don't even enter this ring. But hey, two can play this game.

    *Alias exits the ring momentarily and grabs a steel chair.*

    Come on down here, Joey.
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  5. *Joey laughs and points at himself*

    "I need a set of balls? Dude you attacked Kaizer and I in the middle of a damn match in the same fashion just to make a statement. That's cowardly, you are the definition of a coward. You have 1 win against me...1 win. Let's even things up a bit, and I'm not fuckin waiting till Summerslam."

    * Joey throws his mic down on the stage as the crowd begins to go wild as Joey storms down the ramp, steel chair in hand. He rolls in the ring and stands right across from Antonio as they just stare each other downas the crowd cheers, waiting to see who makes the first move.*
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  6. *Alias smirks and glares intensely at Joey*

    You wanna call me a coward, huh....

    *Alias abruptly hits Joey in the gut with the steel chair and starts throwing left and rights, much to the crowd's contempt. He gets up and taunts to the crowd, allowing Joey to recover...*
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  7. OOC: OH - can I cut in here?
  8. *Trip in the Head comes out from behind the curtain suddenly as Bryant is slowly recovering*

    TRIP: Guys guys, come on, calm it down.

    *Trip stops at the top of the ramp for a moment*

    Save the show for Summerslam. Just a few more days and all the people who paid to see your epic confrontation will be lining these seats with their fat lazy asses.

    *Trip walks down the ramp as he continues*

    I can't help it that both you let Dat Slave trick you, take both your championship belts, and then beat you BOTH in a NO DQ handicap match.

    *Trip walks up the steps into the ring and walks over by Alias*

    But Joey, Alias over here just wanted to make sure Dat Kid suffered when he pulled you off Dat Kid to break up the pin. He got my point of the match. I wanted suffer, not just lose at X-Communication. He knew Dat Kid deserved more punishment than he had absorbed at that point in the match, just as I told him. You wanted the quickest victory possible - which is NOT what I asked for.

    *Trip turns to a recovering Joey Bryant and kneels down next to him*

    And your punishment for not listening when I told you what to do will be severe Joey. Easy as that. But you'll find out more about that soon enough. Until then....

    *Trip stands back up and turns from Bryant before turning back quickly and drop kicking The IWT champion out of the ring through the ropes as he and Alias Antonio stand tall in the ring, Trip raising the IWT WHC's hand as his music plays*
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