Spoiler I didn't think it'd be so soon.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. That Heyman turns his back on Punk. I honestly thought Lesnar would be there last night, but I guess they didn't want to waste his appearance with just a small beat down in a MITB match where Lesnar wasn't the highlight. Understandable. Heyman's turn on Punk was epic though.

    Where do you think they go from here?
  2. Got a message about this last night which said it was perfect character continuity. The moment Brock started doubting Heyman "back in the day", he played nice for a couple of weeks before screwing him over in the most devious way possible. They did it again.

    Obviously this leads to a few EPIC back-and-forths before Punk/Lesnar. That's pretty disgusting sir, go change your pants.
  3. I didn't think the Paul Heyman turn would be on PPV unless Heyman played a neutral corner going into the first Punk/Lesnar encounter with him screwing over Punk there but I loved the turn. I knew as soon as Heyman started yelling at an unconscious Axel that the double cross was coming. I was already doubting a Lesnar appearance anyway, as I didn't figure they'd waste one of Lesnar's dates on a simple beat down when there were other options to get Punk to lose anyway. The feud is about Punk/Heyman (with Lesnar as Heyman's main muscle/client) more than anything else and we can already see that the rivalry between Punk and Lesnar (and whatever slight rivalry there is between Punk and Axel, too) has arisen because of the issues Punk and Heyman have with each other, so Heyman costing Punk the match last night was more meaningful and gets the overall story flowing better.

    I'm guessing/hoping Punk and Lesnar get the HIAC match at the annual PPV of the same name in late October. It's a gimmick that's supposed to be the ender of personal rivalries like the way this one is set to become. Historically, there's only been a match or two in the history of Night Of Champions (the PPV in September) that hasn't revolved around a championship since that's the gimmick of the PPV so perhaps Punk and Lesnar have a match at Summerslam, then Punk moves on to something else for NOC (just come up with an excuse for that to happen, he ends up qualifying for a title shot or something ) and we take a slight breather before returning to it the next month. Then they square off again at Over The Limit before finishing up their feud in the cell at the end of October.
  4. It was pretty good, they needed Punk to lose by interference to continue this feud and Heyman to turn on him evetually, so they came up with something to save Lesnar dates. Good.