I Dont Trust Em

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    *Aries walks out to a pop, He embraces the fans and grabs a mic*​
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening. You see in a matter of week I take on a man who will corrupt his way to his title, I have respect for him but not his actions, Thats why I have just been told about a little issue in his plans to keep his X-Division, The Cure are renegades thinking they control the place and that stealing titles makes champions, You haven't gained any respect and those titles mean nothing around your waist, So I just got done talking to Dat Chocolate From Jersey about some issues with The Crusade Vs The Cure at Night Of Champions, Because at Night Of Champions there will be no running, There will be no cowardice acts, There will be no cheating. At Night Of Champions, Its Me Vs David, Jwab and Alias Vs Rhodes and Jacob, Cure Vs Crusade, With a special guest REFEREE!​
    How about them apples boys​
    *Adam winks at the camera and walks off*​


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  5. Alias: Can't these guys comprehend the message? Me and Jwab are not facing your bunch of imbecile morons. Gosh...
  6. Yeah we are. Face facts.
  7. Fine. We'll destroy you once again then. Yay.
  8. Yeah cause you are really gonna win when the cures votes count as one :pity1:
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