I feel alone with the old guard hate.

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  1. I literally despise the older guys getting constant spotlight on TNA. Yes, it's no where near as bad as it was but we still get regular doses of Hogan etc. Am I just being hateful when I keep babbling on about this? Because it seems like many of the TNA fans here accept it and enjoy it (unless I'm reading into sarcasm).

    I understand Hogan being on TNA and being a relatively big part of it, but I don't understand the amount of segments he's in and how powerful he still looks (BFG was a travesty). Do we really need the constant segments? RVD being X-Division champ is also a move I am strongly against, the big time Aces & Eights storyline doesn't seem to be actually benefiting any young TNA star for the future, and that's their major angle.

    Anyway, even with my hate which might be extreme, what are your opinions on the old guard of TNA? Would you change things?
  2. Seeing as how you didn't include Bully Ray and Devon, I'm with you 100%.

    Hogan being the GM is okay if he can just do his job. (Granted, they could just hire someone cheaper, but apparently they like him backstage). We don't need him in six different segments, we don't need Morgan pissed off at him, or Tenay having to bring him up when a match is booked, or Devon feuding with him, and we damn sure don't need the Weak Ass Right Hands of Doom making Aces and Eights look like shit, and we sure as hell don't need to see him with his shirt off.

    Sting's fine in small doses, thought him playing straight made a great GM, but does he always have to be such a big deal?

    RVD doesn't draw, has no passion anymore, his entire offensive repetoire doesn't work in 2012, and there are so many better talents in TNA that they're just wasting their time spotlighting him.

    Jeff Hardy in WWE was a star, a main eventer. He was impressive. In TNA he's been completely exposed with so many better talents around him. He's a nice traditional worker who can work psychology well due to all his time in WWE, but that's pretty much it.

    Kurt Angle's body is a wreck and his match style is as stale as can be. Nothing more you can do bro.

    These guys aren't drawing, the ratings are pretty much the same whether these guys are on the show or not... So why are they there? I'd look at TNA as a glorified indy fed tbh, and just go with the guys I think can put on the best overall performances.
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  3. I think the thing with TNA is they aren't in desperate need to create a new, young star at the minute. They have a load of guys who are in their prime: Roode, Aries, Storm, Styles, Joe etc who are all in the main event storylines (well not Joe or Styles for the last wee while I guess). Having somebody established like RVD on top of the X-Division could be great providing he eventually puts somebody over, ultimately leading them to a higher spot in the card.

    Hogan makes total sense from a business perspective, they absolutely adore him over AFAIK. He must make them shitloads of money. Besides, you must have marked at least a little at BFG?:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Great post Rain. And how is it smart business? Did you read about how much they're paying that guy? He doesn't draw at all either... I guess he's in the mainstream media, but for a sex tape release...

    And no, I didn't mark at all, I went from :yay: to :downer:.
  5. Well, kinda yes to be honest.

    Hogan - great GM character right now that I feel should be reduced to 2-3 segments per show, not 5. This is how I feel he should be booked: post-PPV Impact - announces next PPV matches, rights the wrong if there was some screwjob, done. Open Fight Night - put him on commentary for one match, one backstage segment, done. Championship Thursday next week - 3 deliberation segments is enough, done. Go-home show - announce something special for the PPV or the go-home show's main event, done.

    That's it, 2-3 segments per show. He's a great GM kayfabe wise, I don't quite understand where the hate is coming from. Oh IWC. Btw, BFG 2011 and 2012 for Hogan are unintentional comedy gold mark out moments.

    Bob VD - I hope he leaves soon, hopefully puts over Joey Ryan before that, as he brings nothing to the table except merchendise. Fire him ASAP.

    Hardy - keep him, definitely, but up top. Not as THE CHAMPION as he crumbles under the pressure, but up there. In the upper-card is his place.

    There's nobody else I can think of right now, maybe Ken Anderson. He's OK, just needs some tweak I guess and reinvent himself.

    Oh yeah, there's Chavo & Hernandez. They bore the hell out of me. But oh well, when he's already brought in, just don't push him to ME, keep him and Botchnandez in mid-card and it'll be cool.
  6. I just really don't care anymore. The show entertains me every week so I'm fine with it. I get to watch Samoa Joe destroy people & Austin Aries kill it. Plus I'm pretty sure TJ Perkins will be there eventually. I don't care if Hogan is in every segment as long as he isn't in the wrestling matches I wanna see.
  7. This is exactly what I would want. I'm not protesting for Hogan to be off TV (although personally I'd love that), I just want him in less segments. I just hate that some TNA fans seem to think TNA NEED Hogan to progress as a promotion, when I don't think Hogan being there makes any difference whatsoever, the only difference it makes is TNA paying him a lot more than anyone else...
  8. There is a difference, you can't deny that, jack. Why? Well: name recognition within casual fans and even casual people, multiple media interviews during the big PPVs seasons promoting TNA, merchendise sale (he's #2 or #3 behind Hardy), tickets sale better when he's on the UK tour, influence within and strings with some wrestlers that could help TNA (RVD is NOT example of that, just making a point), etc.

    Ratings wise: not so much. His debut segment on January 4th, 2010 was the highest rated TNA segments of all time. On that night, Impact! was watched by more than 3 million viewers for the opening hour, afterwards towards the end of the show, the viewership declined to 2.2 million viewers, this was the highest viewership in the show's history. We know the rest of the history.

    To conclude, there is a difference, but it should be somewhat bigger.
  9. Surely you counteract that financial gain argument with the fact he's grossly overpaid?
  10. Why is what Hogan makes any of our concern? I couldn't care less. If TNA was hurting for talent I might conclude that Hogan's salary is hurting the depth of the roster, but that clearly just isn't the case. TNA has more talent than they know what to do with.
  11. Who am I to judge if he's overpaid or not? I was making a point about him making a difference by just being in TNA, that's it.

    If he's overpaid or not is not of my concern, it's Carter family concern. From what I heard, he takes around 35k $ per show or per month (not sure, my sources were not clear enough), if it means anything to you. Just sharing the info.
  12. I mark for Hogan mostly for his theme, I like it for some reason. I don't think the old guys are taking that much TV time, they could use them a bit less but it's not that bad, I think.
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  13. Hogan does indeed have an awesome theme in TNA.
  14. I only dislike RVD. Hogan is alright now, the heel that took TNA from Dixie was annoying, but this face is good.
    As for Hardy and Sting, the more of them, the better.
  15. Meh... I've gotten to the point where Sting kind of annoys me. Hardy is alright, but he wrestles like such a WWE drone that he doesn't fit in with TNA's style.
  16. Probably 'cuz it sounds a bit like the NWO theme
  17. Yeah, it's a Rockhouse remix, pretty good.