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    Now, I don't like Punk, I'm just being objective here.
  2. Same feeling towards Punk and a great point. Great day to be a wrestling mark. :obama:
  4. Yeah i dont know why people dont say it's a spoiler in the title..
  5. Why did I enter this thread? Just spoiled the ME. Ffs.
  6. Sorry, guys. I really am.

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  7. No one can blame Joe, why are we in the TNA section after a PPV? Our fault.

    Either way I'm mixed on Bobby Roode losing it, it better be booked well.
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  8. :harden:
  9. GrammarNazi82 spoiled it in the status before you had a chance for it to be spoiled by Joe.
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  10. :yes:

    Good then.
  11. You're a dumbass, you fuckhole.
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  12. The booking was spot on. I woke up having to go to work all day today and I'm still marking thinking about it. Classic heel Roode and the perfect underdog in Aries.

    I gave Aries no chance in my mind which made him winning 10 X more amazing
  13. Add me into the list of spoiled people.
  14. You guys should have joined the other 3 or 4 of us in the discussion thread last night :lol1:
  15. Very cool.. Nice find, Joe.
  16. The bigger sign that indie wrestling mattered to me personally was seeing Punk and Bryan walk into Wrestlemania with both World titles. Aries winning is a great moment, but to be a world champion on the biggest stage of them all, in the biggest company that's more IMO.
  17. gtfo of here buzzkill. Aries is the new wrestling God
  18. i dont even know who Aries is tbh :umad:
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